Jumat, 09 Desember 2011


Top 10 Artis Indonesia Dengan Bayaran Termahal

1. Sarah Azhari
Sarah Azhari was born in Jakarta on June 16th, 1977. The queen of internet from Indonesia is Sarah Azhari. More than 22 million in averages month internet user from Indonesia type keyword "Sarah Azhari" Many user after get the web page always save the web page, pictures, image, 3gp, film, clip, and video about Sarah Azhari. The popular film of Sarah Azhari is "Daun di atas bantal" with manager Garin Nugroho & senior actress Christine Hakim. Besides film star Sarah Azhari is TV presenter in some event of television. In every tv event Sarah Azhari always sexy sensations. The other film of Sarah Azhari is "Suami suami takut istri" has release in August 2007. With media critics, Sarah Azhari is not responsible and not to mind. Hobby Sarah Azhari is traveling in around world, she ever tour and traveling in Jerusalem and live in the Jerusalem hotel and apartment. Sarah Azhari visit to Jerusalem to study.

2. Dian Sastro Wardoyo
After staring film "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" the popularities of Dian Sastro Wardoyo like rocket. More than 20 million internet user type with keyword "Dian Sastro". If the Sarah Azhari popular with sexy image, but Dian Sastro is good and calm image. The downloader of Dian Sastro not only a man, but in always age from 5 year to 70 year. Beside actress Dian Sastro also the staring in drama theater. In 2007 Dian Sastro graduated S1 from Indonesia University. Dian Sastro have 3 blog. The blog of Dian Sastro have point 6 from google page ranking. In every day more than 5,000 new comment in every page in Dian Sastro blog.

3. Luna Maya
Beginning with photo model, Luna Maya now is the number one actress Indonesia. She is expensive actress, in one time show she has $ 10,000. Luna Maya is half-Indonesia and half-Poland. She born in Bali on 1983. Beside actress Luna Maya is advertising star in some products, like cellular operator, beauty soap and human organization. Luna Maya is not responding with pornography law. More than 18 million internet user search picture, image and new gossips about Luna Maya.

4. Rahma Azhari
Rahma Azhari is the sister Sarah Azhari. We can say that Azhari family is sexy image actress in Indonesia. The new gossips of Rahma Azhari is bath together Sarah Azhari. The expert telepathic Roy Suryo said that the pictures is original from Rahma Azhari and Sarah Azhari. More than 15 million internet user search with keyword Rahma Azhari. Now Rahma Azhari lived in California, USA with new husband.

5. Marshanda
After staring in some opera in television, the popular actress Marshanda is one of 10 actress that have expensive money. In the internet maybe not spectacular news with Marshanda. The user only download free picture Marshanda. More than 12 million user search by Google and Yahoo to search news Marshanda.

6. Nia Ramadhani
Nia Ramadhani is top Indonesia artist fame. After staring the opera "Bawang Merah Bawang Putih" the popularitaties of Marshanda is very good. More than 9 million internet user type Nia Ramadhani, after get web page that have pictures Nia Ramadhani, they alwasys save and download. The averages visit of user is 40 minutes to surfing all about Nia Ramadhani. Hobby Nia Ramadhani is eat traditional cook. The favorite cook is from Chinese restaurant. She ever eat Chinese menu in Singapore with Bams the vocalist Samson band.

7. Tukul Arwana
The success story of Tukul Riyanto (Tukul Arwana) was begun in "Empat Mata" talk show. The Empat Mata talk show ever shooting in Canberra, Australia, Jerusalem, Israel and Tokyo, Japan. The comedian with image "wong ndeso" is also popular in other countries. In internet user, more than 8.5 million type with keyword "Tukul Arwana".

8. Happy Salma
Happy Salma was born in Sukabumi, West Java, it is 70 km about Jakarta. Happy Salma begin to entertainment as a model. Happy Salma also as a presenter in entertainment news in a television. More than 7 million user search keyword "Happy Salma" in the Google and Yahoo search engine. Happy Salma is hard competitor of Azhari family when the sexy icon.

9. Nadine Chandra Winata
After show in miss universe many people search keyword "Nadine Chandra Winata". Nadine was born in Munich. Nadine is mother from Java and father from Germany. Nadine is the contestant winner in miss universe with category original face coutry. Now Nadine Chandra Winata is a part of entertainment in Indonesia. More than 6.5 million internet user search and download keyword "Nadine Chandra Winata".

10. Julie Estelle
Maria Julie Estelle was born on May 27th, 1988 in Paris, French. Maria have hobby playing guitar and modeling. Maria is half-Indonesia Java and half-French-Italy, which lends a look many cite for her quick jump to fame. Maria Julie Estelle begin entertainment as a video clip model. Now Julie Estelle live and work in Jakarta as actress. The best film of Julie Estelle is "Kuntilanak". More than 6.2 million internet user search and download all about Julie Estelle.