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1. Matthew Isaac Cohen Suluk Topeng


Matthew Isaac Cohen

Suluk Topeng

Translated by Matthew Isaac Cohen

The poem below is an example of aesthetic theory and lyric theology from Java (Indonesia). It is a meditation on the philosophy of appearance in relation to performance. The text originates from Cirebon, a coastal area of Java’s west coast that is known for its lively folk arts and ancient mystical traditions. The redaction I translate here is from an early nineteenth century manuscript compiled by a mosque official known as ‘Abdul Kahar and Sultan Adiwijaya of the royal house of Kacerbonan.
  The nominal subject of the poem is topeng, the mask theatre or mask dance, a popular daytime entertainment filled with comedy and exciting dancing performed to the accompaniment of gamelan music. Sometimes a series of dances with comic interludes is performed, less often a story is enacted. (The poem refers to the character of Pekik Anom, also known as Jaka Pekik, the eponymous hero of a play titled Jaka Pekik or Jaka Menyawak.) Cognate traditions of topeng exist elsewhere in Java, as well as in the neighbouring islands of Bali and Madura.
Topeng is likened in the poem to the third stage on the mystical path to enlightenment— kakekat, which means Truth or Reality. The poem speaks vividly on an allegorical level – contemplating the theatrical apparatus provides perspective, in Kenneth Burke’s usage, upon relations with the Divine. It is the third of a suite of mystical poems or suluk dealing with performance—the first compares shadow puppetry with Law, the second compares animal dances in full-body costumes to The Path and the fourth compares the female social dancer to Seeing God. The unifying scheme structuring the suite is that the less mediation there is between the animator and the object of performance, the closer one gets to Divine Union.
The suite of poems exists in multiple manuscript copies in major collections, and is well known to scholars of Javanese literature, though it has yet to be translated into English as a whole. I have translated and provided an extensive commentary on the first of the suite (Suluk Wayang) elsewhere. Someday I hope to translate the work as a whole.


Topeng appears at mid-day
though this is but a symbol.
It is actually kakekat
artfully ensconced in the form of topeng.

The performer and the object of performance can be said to be one and the same.
There is nothing else.
But there is still concealment.
On the face, there is a mask as wrana [screen, pretext, substitute, representation]

Kakekat, because it is candid, masquerades as ignorance,
on the face of things.
Genuinely swift motion has yet to occur.
That is the way of kakekat in art.

My creation in the mask art
Is the ability to transform.
The performer is invisible.
It is the mask that attracts attention.

Then the performer returns and changes his mask.
Things get increasingly mixed up.
It’s as if one does not know or has
forgotten that the performer doing the mask dance has bodily substance.

The excellent mask performance I do not attribute to the performer.
Mouth wide open, the neck gets sore from looking
At the masked performer representing Pekik Anom.
I consider this not as the performer.

One recalls that it is a performer doing the mask dance
when one sees
him change his mask to impersonate a woman,
very attractive and eye-pleasing.

Then the performer, that crazed pig, picks up
and changes into another mask
He’s like a ferocious demon and people [watching] make a move,
intending to strike him as they perceive this to be not the performer.

Most of those watching the mask performance go home.
I do not look
at the face. What is visible,
what is given to ponder, is the performer in my own self.

Like when the performer himself does mask dance,
what is then also visible
are not two masks indeed.
I cannot discuss this matter furthermore.

I am unable to run from the mask performance
I am unable to be still
in the movement of my body.
That is why I originate with Allah and go towards Allah.

On reflection, there is no place for me to run to.
A masked dancer impersonating a lion will run
but will return in the end to the same place.
This is recipient of the Lord’s tribulations.

Provide me with ample shelter, Oh Lord.
Protect your humble servant
in all my movements…

Matthew Isaac Cohen ,  Areas of specialization :Art and Culture of Southeast Asia (particularly Indonesia), Asian Theatre, World Puppetry, Cross-Cultural and Transnational Art and Performance, Histories of Popular Culture, Cultural Heritage
Academic employment :2019-present Professor of World Arts and Culture, Department of Dramatic Arts, University of Connecticut, USA
2011-2019 Professor of International Theatre, Department of Drama, Theatre & Dance, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
2005-2011 Senior Lecturer, Department of Drama & Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
2001-2005 Lecturer, Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies, University of Glasgow, UK
1998-2000  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, International Institute for Asian Studies, the  Netherlands.
Visiting Positions since 2009:
2018-2019 Senior Fellow, Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University, to research the history of wayang
2017 Visiting Senior Fellow, Yale University Art Gallery to research and help curate the Dr. Walter Angst and Sir Henry Angest Collection of Indonesian Puppets
2015-2016 External Curator at the British Museum for the temporary exhibition ‘Shadow Puppet Theatre from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand’
2015 Visiting Research Professor (Spring Term), University of Connecticut, USA
2011-12 Research Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Wassenaar, The Netherlands
2009 Visiting Associate Professor, University of Malaya, Malaysia
Degrees awarded
1997 PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology with Departmental Distinction, Yale University (Thesis title: An Inheritance from the Friends of God: The Southern Shadow Puppet Theater of West Java, Indonesia)
1992 MPhil in Sociocultural Anthropology, Yale University
1990 Certificate in Puppetry from the Wonogiri branch of Ganasidi, Indonesia’s National Puppetry Organization
1988 AB Magna cum Laude in Psychology, Harvard College
Mayor awards and distinctions:
2018 Awarded the royal name ‘Ki Dalang Bawana’ (Sir Puppeteer of the World) by Sultan Arief Natadiningrat of the court of Kasepuhan, West Java, Indonesia
2011 Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study Fellowship
2009 Awarded the royal title ‘Ki Ngabehi’ (equivalent to a knighthood) from Sultan Abdul Gani of the royal court of Kacirebonan, West Java, Indonesia
2008 American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship
2008 Harry J. Benda Prize in Southeast Asian studies, awarded by the Association for Asian Studies
2016 Inventing the Performing Arts: Modernity and Tradition in Colonial Indonesia. Honolulu, HI: University of Hawai’i Press.
2010 Performing Otherness: Java and Bali on International Stages, 1905-1952. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
2010 Contemporary Southeast Asian Performance: Transnational Perspectives/ Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. (Co-editor with Laura Noszlopy)
2010 The Lontar Anthology of Indonesian Drama, Volume 1: Plays for the Popular Stage. Jakarta: Lontar. 
2006. The Komedie Stamboel: Popular Theater in Colonial Indonesia, 1891-1903. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press and Leiden: KITLV Press.
1998 Demon Abduction: A Wayang Ritual Drama from West Java. Jakarta: The Lontar Foundation.
Javanese shadow puppet theatre (Wayang Kulit) performances :
I have performed more than 30 wayang kulit plays as solo puppeteer since 1989. Below are some of the more important performances since 2006.
2016 The Birth of Kangsa and Kangsa’s Cockfight, English-language shadow puppet play performance with Gamelan Kridha Budaya Sari at the Linden-Museum Stuttgart
2015 Arjuna’s Meditation, English-language shadow puppet play performed at the British Museum (with ISBI Bandung, 2 hours), Harvard University’s Arts First Festival (with Gamelan Si Betty, 2 hours) and at the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry at the University of Connecticut (1 hour).
2012 Lokananta: The Gamelan of the Gods, performed in English with 150 gamelan musicians from around the United Kingdom at the Roger Kirk Centre, University of York, UK (8 hours).
2011 Anoman, the Envoy, performed in English with Gamelan Madu Sari at Gong! The Vancouver Gamelan Festival, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, Vancouver, Canada (2 hours).
2011 A Dalang in Search of Wayang. Lecture-performance with Javanese shadow puppets performed at the 1st Asian Theatre Festival, Thessaloniki (Greece); Centre for Creative  Collaboration, London (UK); Puppetry and Post-Dramatic Performance: An International Conference on Performing Objects in the 21st Century, University of Connecticut (USA); Department of Theatre, Speech, and Dance at Brown University (USA); CHIME-APAF International Conference on Traditional Performing Arts in Contemporary Asia (UK); Buxton Puppet Festival (UK); Indonesia Kontemporer Festival (UK); Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (Netherlands); Fahmina Institute (Cirebon, Indonesia) (50 minutes).
2009 Kresna Denawa. 3-hour English language shadow puppet play performed at Cambridge University’s Festival of Ideas (with the Cambridge Gamelan) and at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (with the Southbank Gamelan Players). Previously performed a 5-hour long Javanese version of this play in Cirebon, West Java in 1999.
2009 Arjuna Sasrabau. Shadow puppet play, performed in Javanese with royal heirloom puppets and open-flame oil lamp, Kraton Kacirebonan, Cirebon (6 hours).
2009 Sinta Colong. Shadow puppet play performed in Javanese, Indonesia and English. Sono Budoyo Museum, Yogyakarta (3 hours).
2008 Ramayana. 4 episode shadow puppet Ramayana cycle (The Birth of Ravana, Arjuna Sasrabahu, The Abduction of Sita, The Fall of Alengka), performed in English with the Southbank Gamelan Players. The British Library, London (12 hours).
2006 Palguna. Shadow puppet play, performed in English with Gamelan Puloganti. Picture Gallery, Royal Holloway, University of London (3 hours); performed in Cirebon Javanese on a 10-stop tour of the north coast of Java in 2018 sponsored by Indonesia’s Department of Education and Culture (4 hours).

2. Brett Sense Elliot Nature Is Sexy


Brett Sense Elliot

Nature Is Sexy

I expect you’ve heard of LGBT,
But what do you call a person who loves hugging trees?
Who talks to plants and walks the earth
Massaging Her with their feet to please?
You call them Ecosexual… I am an ecosexual…
My heart and body blossoms
When I see the sweet curves of Her land
The rolling hills and river fills
my soul when Her sacred water runs through my hands..

Yes I am an ecosexual
Shameless I am to say
That when the wind and sun touch my skin
I spread my legs to pray…

I taste the rainfall like I taste the pink sweat of a lover’s breast
I delight in touching smooth tree bark
And eat Her fruits with zest…

Mango from tree from roots from earth
drip sweetly from my face
the dirt that walks beneath my feet reminds me of my place…
on Her…

This polite rhythm and rhyme of verse and time doesn’t reflect the reality of desert sands or sea,
They are wild and radical and fearless and powerful and free from the laws of men and poetry
Free from all
From all but gravity.

Nature rises in storms that rages against our feeble homes
Of stacked brick and tarmac slick, nature rips to shred as she pleases
Our dreams and hopes and families
She Crushes ships like match sticks
And with ocean devours our cities...
My God She is sexy…

She can rise in 20 metre waves
Conjure 300 mile per hour winds
She will deny us rain for years
She will cleanse us of our sins…

Our sins you say our Sins?
Pray tell what could they be?
The cause that summons storms from sea
with such fierce capacity
to take everything from me??

What sins you say?
What sins you plead?
Unfortunately my friend to She, we are one humanity..

It is humanity’s ecocide
And this human proclivity
To destroy habitat and spew pollution from our cities
we burn the homes of all God’s creature-ess
With such absent minded cruelty
With stupid sworn fealty
To the Lords of so called Progress.

Oh baby… darling girlfriend Lover Earth…
I am so so sorry… we are fools…
I love You…
I love every part of You…

I love the way You touch my skin with sun and summer breeze
The way You move across the land and
Gently move the trees

I love ...

I love the way the oceans laps upon Your shores with gentle lover’s caress
The way you coax a seed to life
That sprouts like a tongue through hard shell
Just to tell the sun, I love you…

Have you ever taken off your shoes just to walk upon the grass
To feel soft Earth press your feet
Or sit amongst stretching branches
Enjoying nature’s perfect seat?

I remember She…

She who made the Earth so perfect that you can breathe
Soft and slow as you walk the streets
Or fast as you caress fresh lover’s treats
When our bodies are enmeshed like butcher’s meat
We are but meat...
Meat of flesh and bone that makes men old men
And girls old crones…

We are mortal.
We will all die you and I
And in that dying moment your life will flash across your eyes
And you will remember all the things you love.…
That playful lover that called you Peach when your skin tasted sweet
Your children playing at your feet
The friends who laughed at your stupid jokes
You’re remember the ones who always listened when you spoke…

But I… like each night and with each breath
will spare those precious moments to reflect
On sunlight speckles through sunkissed trees
Those perfect sunsets that stilled my mind and set my soul on fire
The perfect green forest under sky blue perfection
Dappled with clouds the perfectly selection
of wind and rain and sunkissed glow
I will remember as above, so below…

And with that thought cast back from my life’s end
I will begin
And say….
Nature Is Sexy.

2 Desember 2018

Brett Sense Elliot, a well-known writer and poet, lives in Australia.

3. Vittoria (German)


Vittoria (German)

He said in a seven days
Carpet on the table
What did I want to write
I forgot all

Vittoria, is a writer, lives in Germany

4. Candi (USA) The Change


Candi (USA)

The Change

Tap into the Love
Energy pulses
DNA upgrade
Each cell
Imbibing joy juices
Miracles abound

To the sound
To the Heavens
Nature's Frequency
Of Healing

To You
I am Kneeling

Thank you
For this
Revealing .

Candi Michelle,  is a poet from the United States. Louis, Missouri.

5. Naning Scheid Ono Momentin in Time


Naning Scheid

Ono Momentin in Time

On eventide, laying my peace on your chest
Stealing sounds of your pulse’ nest
among a mound of longing
Anxious body, falling in warming
Our breath is neat, serene feeling

Howling all night as many as sense
Our heartbeat is more and more intense
Wandering the travel of freedom
Towering a desire of wolf’ Edom

We are sweating mass perspiration
My love for you knows no duration

Oh dear, love is throughout the season
No fear, my heart is gripped on the horizon

Brussels, 2019.

Naning Scheid, bernama asli Sri Nurnaningrum. Lahir di Semarang, 5 Juni 1980. Penulis puisi, cerita fiksi dan non-fiksi, blogger, dan pemain teater. Sarjana FPBS UPGRIS sekaligus Sarjana SDM CEFORA Belgia. Pengajar di Fakultas Bahasa Inggris UPGRIS sebelum meninggalkan Indonesia tahun 2006. Aktif di beberapa organisasi sosial kemanusiaan di Belgia. Tinggal di Brussel, dan berkebangsaan Indonesia.
 Perjalanan Kepenulisan:
1993-1995  Beberapa puisi memenangkan lomba antar kelas maupun antar sekolah.
1997  Menulis naskah drama “Jack Tarub”, dan dipentaskan oleh Teater Sukma Semarang.
2017  “Paris, antara Mitos dan Realita” serta delapan artikel lain di Kliksolo.com
2018  “Mengenal dan Memahami Gen Z”, “Solidarisme Perempuan di Era Disrupsi dan Kelahiran Feminisme Gelombang Keempat” di Buletin PKPPA - LPPM UPGRI Semarang.
Antologi puisi: “Mimpi yang Berduri” serta empat puisi lain di antologi Persaudaraan Wanita Dunia (2018-D3M Kail), “Sabtu Siang di Simpang Lima Semarang” serta tiga puisi lain di antologi Indonesia Tanah Airku (2018–I.Dharta), “Sang Musafir” di The Talking Canting – Puisi Cinta Negeri (2018–KDS), “Eden, Melankolia” di Banjarbaru’s Rainy Day Festival 2019.
Cerpen: “Manusia Sempurna”, “Ranting-ranting Patah”, “Ne Le Dit à Personne”, “Denok Kenang”, dan beberapa fiksi mini di Facebook dan Wattpad. Novel: “Miss Gawky” (2019). 2018 - ... Menulis blog Madame Gokil di scheid.be. Berisi rubrik: (1) Pengetahuan Umum dan Opini, (2) Sastra Pop: Prosa, Puisi, Resensi (3) Wisata Eropa & Review, dan (4) Tips-tips Gokil.
Website: scheid.be 

6. Iwan Gunawan, SPD. MM I have no idea


Iwan Gunawan, SPD. MM

I have no idea

said a small child gently
while raising both hands
and bow his head

as may may be familiar,
he continued while still
raise both hands
and his eyes stared sharply
in the direction of a mother

answered a mother
in a soft voice too

I just shut up
and smile seeing the scene
this rarely happens
while muttering
beautiful nian if this happens
in my village, in my city, in my country
Bangkok, July 12, 2019

Iwan Gunawan

Come on, brother

I live among people of different languages
I live among people with different views
I live among people of different cultures
I live in the middle of the White Elephant metropolitan

Between the rows of buildings towering the sky
Among the magnificent temples
Between the traffic jams of vehicles and people
Faintly always heard the call to prayer
so melodious and solemn

Allohu Akbar Allohu Akbar, La ilahailalloh
Melted hearts feel it
Nostalgic to hear that
Dripping tears made

The country is predominantly Buddhist
Give room to everyone who has a different view
Free to live and mingle together
That is real independence

Everyone is free to do activities
in accordance with his confidence
everyone is free to move
in accordance with his conscience

during this time we often hear about tolerance
during this time we often hear about human rights
but what happened?
we are all castrated with uncertain sciences
without caring about the essential, ilahirobbi

Come on, brother, let's share
Ayu, my best friend, let's unite
Join hands together
Keep the unity and integrity of the nation
Towards the ideals of prosperity and spiritual birth

Iwan Gunawan, SPD. MM, the writer is
Indonesian School Teacher Bangkok, address Amara Court apartment soi 13 Petchabury rd Bangkok 10400

7. Chayada Binsaven Nickname Sunbeia Time Change


Chayada Binsaven Nickname Sunbeia

Time Change

The hearts of people change
Things that remain the same are just memories.
Each person's smile is in someone's memory.


Do you believe in fate?
Fate is often something that people believe and think that it is part of life.
Fate often comes by chance. Sometimes we may meet someone who or have known Someone, which we didn't expect to know.This is the charm of destiny. Maybe you are walking along the timeline of fate.

Chayada Binsaven Nickname Sunbeia .
I'm 18  years old. I 'm come from Thailand,Now I live in Bangkok  and My home are in Onnut  in the high school I'm grauduate from Sacred Heart Convent School .
Now I am freshy of Thammasat University I study In Faculty of Liberal Arts . The Branch of I study is South East Asian study.

8 Red Joan (Dwi Retno Asih) Merdeka is not a prison


Red Joan (Dwi Retno Asih)

Merdeka is not a prison

Freedom is an opportunity
For rank seekers
The desk drawer was locked by the safe
The count did not have time to be precise

Freedom is a delusion
Translucent sky translucent earth
Fly to fall because of dreams
Collided with layered imagination

But independence is also a term of life
For the fighters buried in history
Land and water are also stones, puffs of gunpowder explosion
Minions collide in shackles

But independence is not a prison
Because day and night shouted independence
At home
In the apparatus buildings
In the field
On the highway
At a red light
In the mind that was jailed for independence.

Dwi Retno Asih, choosing the pen name Redd Joan. Usually called RJ. Born 46 years ago in Lampung. Since 2004 pitted his fortune in neighboring countries until now. Become a staff of Kuala Manpower employment agency. Have followed some anthology with friends fb. Writing is a hobby and likes the world of literature as an expression of love for Indonesian.

9. Anggoro Suprapto Road to old age


Anggoro Suprapto

Road to old age

in the middle of the night I like to meditate
then I ask at solitary time
I'm on my way to getting old huh?
I smiled, when you nodded for sure
in the somber sky of the moon covered in clouds
the night is getting restless
in anxious teeth

You really are my wife
towards old not so scary
for me still calm
as long as old is manly and healthy
as long as you are smart and alert
like manawan clairvoyant
every day praying reciting spells
continue to be grateful incessantly

then when
the way to grow old arrived, I decided
just want to stay in your house, my wife
every day can see
the clearness of your neutrality
shade your face
the kids' laughter bubbled up
joking that burst forth

Ah, really
growing old is a gift
from the merciful almighty
Semarang, September 2018
Anggoro Suprapto, born in Pati (Central Java) 17 August 1962. Write anything including poetry. Has been widely published, both individuals and joint joint. The author now lives in Semarang, joined in the "Kebun Kebun Kata" Art House.

10. Buanergis Muryono Independent


Buanergis Muryono


Sometimes a lot of terms
Free yourself
Enter the free realm
I traced the field of the soul
With you sincere.
Remove all burden
or shouldered dependents.
It's hard to spell.
Each word cannot represent it.
I traced the spirit recesses
Life force
In the spiritual dimension the body is complementary
There is light in the dark
There is a black dot in the bright light.
Then I want my body to be transported to spirit
My pure spirit
We are good
Until peace
As beautiful as the horizon
Every change of appearance
That is the real life
No words are represented
Even when quiet everything is perfect.

Buanergis Muryono, Lives in Bali, Active in the world of art and culture from childhood until now. His work is called Scratching the Sky, and follows several national anthologies.

11. Heru Mugiarso Time Pilgrimage To the Mujahid of this Country


Heru Mugiarso

Time Pilgrimage
To the Mujahid of this Country

I want to invite you, my child
Here for a moment enjoy a pilgrimage of time
Because I'm sure that things have changed a lot now
And we need to reopen the footnotes on the history page

In front of this tomb I have no intention of teaching you to make an idol
To those who have peace resided in it
But if the bones that are now white are able to tell stories
Then he will tell about extraordinary love for his homeland

Blood and tears may have been mixed
Life (perhaps) is no longer valuable
When the singing of the homeland is faint and injured
Calling his son's son to sincerely serve him

The range of their journey, me and you are too far, my child
So it's natural if you are not whole in understanding it
Unfortunately they are not celebrities and because they did not have the chance to become characters
Which makes you fall in love and fascinated to the legend

Not a few of them are just ordinary people
And sometimes the names are not recorded on the tombstone
But before the Creator they are martyrs
Being in the hearts of their noble people are heroes

Want to occasionally I invite you to ponder a moment in front of the tomb
For every time they refuse to forget that this country almost never existed
If they did not take up arms and advance to palagan
And in their souls there is only one word: independence!
Semarang, 2019

Heru Mugiarso, born in Purwodadi Grobogan, June 2, 1961. Writing poetry since I was in junior high school. The works in the form of poetry, essays and short stories and articles were published in various local and national media. Approximately 80 titles of books contain his works. The award obtained is the Indonesian Literature Community Award 2003 as the best poet of 2003. His name is listed in the book What and Who is the Indonesian Poet (2017.) Two anthologies of poetry that have been published are Tilas Time (2011) and Poetry Bear Men (2017), As a resource for literary programs on the BIANGLALA SASTRA SEMARANG TV program. Also, the Community Lentera Literature Guidance majoring in Unnes Counseling Guidance.

12. Brigita Neny Anggraeni, Freedom


Brigita Neny Anggraeni,


free my soul free
I enjoy my freedom
I only want one
so that your soul can be liberated too

I will not burden you
with conclusions
the rules
not even a view

Enough of yourself
your brain, your soul
unencumbered rigid doctrine
dogma that no longer applies

I don't read other thoughts
just read your own mind inside
free from all burdens

wishful thinking
oh, peace of my soul

Brigita Neny Anggraeni, or commonly called Neny, was born in Semarang on February 2, 1979. Her last education was S1 from the Faculty of Medicine, majoring in Psychology at Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang. Neny, who likes painting, photography, and farming, likes to write since elementary school age.
It starts with writing children's stories which are routinely published in Suara Merdeka Semarang. Since then the pleasure of writing has continued to develop, by writing articles, health tips, biographies of figures, and continuous martial arts stories published in Trending Tabloids, and Objective Tabloids.
Also involved in psychology as a finger print consultant. Now, on the sidelines of her busy life as a mother with two daughters, she still keeps writing every day. Co-wrote Poetry in the Poetry Book Against Corruption (PMK) that has been published with other Archipelago Poets. Then the books that have been published by Elexmedia Koputindo (Gramedia Group), namely Transportation Series Books: Railway Series, Car Series, Airplane Series, and Ship Series. Following later was still with the same publisher, Learning Books from Parent Elephant, Series of the Inventors: Tomas Alva Edison, Faraday, and others. Another book that was successfully published was the History Novel Book, Saridin.

13. Wahyu Toveng So much space for each paragraph


Wahyu Toveng

So much space for each paragraph

Tired of this trip. Dusty and rusty. Hope left behind in what kilometer. Forced to peel off the epidermis. Becoming Carrion before the word merdeka is perfect. I was no longer able to scream, but even paralyzed. They are too. Sweat in the body actually put out the axis. No more explosions.

History is only a few paragraphs apart. But his hands and feet have changed ownership. His face was blackened with time. The face of his father's mother was saddened to cause a new city to be deposed. A sturdy city instills the word lost on a paved road. Those words cover the loose soil that once gave life to our children. I wonder where they are now.

Then your back folds the shadow. The path to the forest has disappeared. Shortness of breath as a factory machine or the numbers at the ATM machine. The time is getting bigger to colonize the soul. This trip is full of broken glass that pierced the word independence. I don't know those slogans. I do not know the themes of the celebration.

Mawar Alley, August 1, 2019

Wahyu Toveng, is the pen name of Wahyu Priadi. Born in Jakarta January 16, 1977. Alumni of the Indonesian Graphic Technology Academy. A connoisseur of literature and poetry. Participated in the Art Poetry Exhibition Commemorating the 106th Anniversary of National Awakening Day at OUR SURAU, Banyumanik, Semarang in 2014. Participated in reading poetry in order to welcome the 73rd RRI Hut at RRI Pusat Jakarta. Involved in several Anthology of Poetry Together with several Poets.

14. Sugeng Joko Utomo Irony Homeland


 Sugeng Joko Utomo

Irony Homeland

The independent era in our country
People are racing with each other
To be the people's representative
Or officials
Fighting over the throne chair
Fighting cheating strategies arbitrarily
Tripping a colleague
Even stepping on the tongue of a relative
Not counting dignity
Moral is far from being true

The chosen one is the people's representative
Vying indulgence in lust
Deviant behavior at will
Anomaly of the soul becomes accustomed
Thirst for power
Hungry for possessions

The phenomenon of being poor is considered stale
Or no longer take care
In fact, sometimes it becomes an object
Project budget dredging facilities
Real in their coffers
Mounting wealth alone

Poor people are always forced
To shout the word: merdeka
While holding thirst hungry
Form a line of skinny parades
Occasionally rubbing the chest
Even though the tears have dried

While the elements are getting richer
Without having to shout: free
Just sit behind the desk
Amboi ... the price is high

Tasikmalaya, 1 August 2019

Sugeng Joko Utomo, Physics and Software Engineering Subject Teacher at SMK IT Riyadul Ulum Cibalong Tasikmalaya. And Biology subject teacher at Boarding School School Bina Insan Mandiri Bantarkalong Tasikmalaya. The originator and admin of the Kebumen literary writers group at FB, "Prosa Kita Poisi Kita". Diligently writing poems with the theme of falling in love and heartbreak and the urgency of Javanese Ngapak. Awaiting sponsors to publish more than 200 of his poems in 2 poetry collection books. Originally from Gombong, he lived in Tasikmalaya. Now also active in the Literary Circle Gombong (LISONG)

15. Moh Zaini Ratuloli Cold City


Moh Zaini Ratuloli

Cold City

It's not 6 o'clock in the morning
Dry leaves fall on the road
The wind carries its own body language
For the old city, death is normal
Candlelight in front of the house
Is to give light to you that is not there

The sacredness of faith has you who love the world
Who tore the hearts of ancestors for the sake of rupiah
We were free before you even sold your land
Desire for desire is prison

And heaven is not just tears spilling in prayer
But the earth with all its contents are loved and loved
Take care of your heart and work hard
For the sake of rocks and stones that are hard and radiant
Zaeni Boli 2019

Moh Zaini Ratuloli (Zaeni Boli),  Place of birth: Flores, 29-08-1982, Having appeared at the "Asean Literary Festival 2015" International Festival, his poetry works are also contained in print and in the joint anthology of the Country of Poci, Rejecting Poetry Korupsidan Lumbung Poetry. Merged with Literature Kalimalang as an Investigator of the work since 2013-2017. Also active in literacy with Agupena East Flores. Now living in East Flores, active in Nara Theater, performing at the 2018 National Theater Week in the GBB TEAM, becoming chairman of TBM Lautan Ilmudan teaching at SMK SURA DEWA Flores Timur established the Eskul Theater "Mileanial Art Workshop" . Activating to revive the arts at the Larantuka IKTL Campus.

16. Gilang Teguh Pambudi Behind the Eyes of the Wind Daily


Gilang Teguh Pambudi

Behind the Eyes of the Wind Daily

trees that grow above local regulations
what is his life like?
roots, leaves, even fruit like what?
because politics is mentioned
often a disaster
like when half of the city's lungs are gone
because regulations and politics justify it
while bush and untidiness
on disputed lands
in the seven corners of the city
can be years
a heartbreaking embellishment
which is also justified by law
or toxic wastes take over the river
because justice and politics are timid
or forced to wait for time
and we do live in law
while continuing to question,
whose justice does it have?
then we look in the law
and the politics of power that continues to follow him,
what do our faces look like?
what our posture and height are like
the way of walking and the sharpness of our inner eyes
in political turmoil that asks to be won?
even our worship
the totality of our surrender
straight open interpretations
can be warped, is considered to violate the law
or needs to be opposed by political doors
who hide behind the eyes of the wind daily
so that the spaciousness of life does not take sides
Kemayoran, 31 07 2019

Gilang Teguh Pambudi,  real name is Prihana Teguh Pambudi. Born in a coffee plantation around the tourist area of Curug Sewu, Kendal, Central Java. Then domiciles move around, in Sukabumi, Bandung, Purwakarta, West Java and in Kemayoran, Jakarta. After not teaching at school, a long career as an Indonesian Radio Person, including being the organizer of various cultural events. Start writing in newspapers since high school class 1 / SPGN. Then actively fostering various art communities --- especially literature, pictures and theater, while continuing to write and become a resource person for Literary Appreciation. His poems contained in various anthologies of shared poetry and anthology of poetry itself. His two most recent poetry anthology books, JALAK (Jakarta In a Sack) and TAGAR (Gapura Dance). While in the process of publishing, Climb the Sky --- 100 Scouts Poetry Action.

17. Fahmi Wahid Independent Journey


Fahmi Wahid

Independent Journey

This land is a road of war
that our warriors have walked through
armed with a spiky bamboo
fluttering a spirit robe enveloped him
no trembling and bitter in the drum of his chest
to struggle with all means and efforts
seize islands and oceans from the colony

The black misty universe in the valley of fire
was very good at hearing warriors
bet lives for future generations
despite falling in the drizzle of bullets
even if the bones side by side on their own land

On a journey to win independence
magical unimaginable struggle
I feel from the silent gravestones in the warrior's grave
always remembered on the anniversary of Heroes' Day
one thousand flower arrangements thanks
remains unpaid by your service to the country

We must remain in the mirror on this trip
that our work for the nation has not yet been done
compared to the knights in the fiery battlefield
like our warriors who are now eternally calm

But to this day I read in the face of the morning paper
still showing hatred among fellow people
breaking the chain of brotherhood and breaking up differences
but this is the archipelago: our land of life and death
get back together holding each other tightly together
on the red and white wave at the peak of independence
in the footsteps of serving Indonesia's integrity

Fahmi Wahid (Drs. HM Fahmi Wahid, M. MPd.), Born in Barabai, Hulu Sungai Tengah on August 3, 1964. He served as Chair of the Murakata Arts Council (DKM) and Deputy Chair of the Indonesian Literature Association (HIMSI) HST, after moved to Balangan to foster Sanggar Mamang Balangan. Received an Art Prize (in literature) from the Governor of South Kalimantan (2011). Anthology of his single poem: The Voice of the Outback (2016) and Dust Journey (2018). His works are also widely summarized in shared anthology, among others: State of the Sea (2018), Tropical Rain Forest (2018), Traces of Love on Earth Raflesia (2018) Rainy City Epitaph (2018), Wangian Kembang (2018), Kunanti in Kampar Kiri (2018) ), A Skyful of Rain (2018), Time Feather (2018), Gus Funk (2019), Fire Minutes (2019), Surak Sumampai (2019). Sharing Happiness (2019). Meratus Sang Ban Rindu Anak Banua (2019), Swara Masnuna (2019), etc. The biography is in the Literature Encyclopedia of South Kalimantan (Publisher of the Ministry of National Education, Language Center, Balai Bahasa Banjarmasin, 2008) and in What and Who is the Indonesian Poet (Yayasan Hari Poisi, 2017). And also published in the rubrics of the Kalimantan Media newspaper, Radar Banjarmasin and Banjarmasin Post.

18 Muchlis Darma Putra Freedom is me


Muchlis Darma Putra

Freedom is me

Freedom  is me
in between the silent silence
wind that does not fight
touch the hill; past

free is me
among the groans of fishing barges
tunable whistling gulls arise drowning
prayer to prayer continues

free is me
hoeing the fields in faith
in the hot sun.
cotton blast with wind;
stop in my hair quietly

free is me
sit whole whole
Hill; sea and fields
one breath for God
Banyuwangi, 2019

Muchlis Darma Putra, born in Glenmore, Banyuwangi, East Java. Actively works poetry, short stories and paintings. His works can be found in various anthology books, both regional and national. Two anthology poetry books are: Kado from Rantau (2011), One Pink poem (2013). His poems can also be found in the poetry anthology, including Proud I Become the People of Indonesia, (2012), Carta Farfalla (2012), Hugging Luka (2013), etc. His poems can also be found in Radar Banyuwangi Newspaper, Dinamika News and Madura Daily News. Staying in Banyuwangi.

19 Roymon Lemosol In an independent land


Roymon Lemosol

In an independent land

in a land that has been independent for decades
I see the people are still up in arms
maintain customary rights over customary lands

in a land that has been independent for decades
I heard the voice of his people moaning in pain
heavily in debt

in a land that has been independent for decades
I witnessed its people striving to fight
fight poverty

in a land that has been independent for decades
I followed the people hobbling
seeking justice

in a land that has been independent for decades
I spell the mer-de-ka-ness
Ambon, August 1, 2019

Roymon Lemosol, born in Lumoli, West Seram Regency, Maluku, August 24, 1971. His poems have graced the pages of a number of local and national media, including Fuly Magazine, Asau, Lombok Post, Suara NTB, Banjarmasin Post, Riau Post, Riau Post Indonesia, Media Indonesia etc. Some are contained in dozens of shared anthologies. His poem "Return" won the Poetry Choice of the Great Movement of 1000 Asean Teachers Writing Poetry in 2019. The book collection of his poems, A Wound from the Land of the Night (Rain Roots, 2015), Traces of Love in the Land of Kings (Teras Budaya, 2019).

20 Mim A Murshid Page Seventeen August


Mim A Murshid

Page Seventeen August

Later on the seventeenth of August,
We will again disturb ourselves with the harsh reality of this country.
Mr. leader of the country
Standing tall on the podium of the ceremony and telling stories like in previous years;

With a smile, he said that the age number of our country was independent
But forgot to mention how many children do not go to school in remote villages
He pointed to the dashing photos of the faces of warriors and heroes
But never want to care about faces without a job
He will also remind us that a great nation is a nation that respects the struggles of its heroes
But he forgets that in many places the bosses are reluctant to reward the hard work of the workers at full pay

Seventy-four years Indonesia has been independent
A young number for the age of a nation
But it takes so long until the day we see and find the reality

Seventeen August,
That was a day when we all arrived to be forgetful
Forgetting that there are different meanings of workers and slaves
Forgetting that independence means we don't prey on each other
Forgetting that this nation belongs together, not just a wealthy group

Mr. the leader of that country,
If later in his speech he invited me to be grateful for this independence
I will only ask the extent to which he has expelled the Dutch who clotted in his bloodstream
Madura, 2019

Mim A Murshid, an art student from Sapudi Island, Sumenep. Writing poetry since 2014. Engaged in the Dhamar Community and Poetry Circle Taneyan Lanjheng. His work was published in Radar Madura, Gallery Renjana Pena, NusantaraNews.co, Kawaca.com, Paragraph Bulletin, etc. His latest anthology shares happiness (Media Reader: 2019).

21. Teguh Prayitno Incense


Teguh Prayitno


Keep on going.
heading in the direction I've been waiting for,
in the horizon miss the violet blue,
I will capture your face color,
like dim twilight,
set with orange lanterns ...
Bring your mystical smile,
light incense from the scent of your skin,
I want a magic spell to enter,
so that my soul is no longer awake,
get lost as far as possible,
in the shade of your shady soul ...
Kep. Riau, 07/26/2019

Teguh Prayitno, is an Indonesian poet writing in several national anthologies such as in the Indonesian Literary Poetry Granary.

22. Wardjito Soeharso Freedom


Wardjito Soeharso


The wind blows over the land
Bringing news of raining soon coming
Trees dance with their twigs
Making leaves enjoy shaking
Birds sing a morning greeting
In a concerto of green whistle
While the sun smiles welcoming the day
Sharing warmth to the earth
Reflecting light from the ocean

Freedom of nature is a freedom for all
Nature of freedom must be a freedom from man
That's the basic principle of knowledge
Which defines true or false
Builds the value of good or bad
Freedom of the mind
Freedom of the mankind

Wardjito Soeharso, Male with multiple statuses: husband, father, writer, businessman, fancier, dreamer, and many more. Writing as a result of reading fondness. Writing poetry, drama scripts, popular scientific essays, and now is diligently writing novels. Behind the Shadows of Love, his newly published novel, received good reception from his readers. Now writing his second novel series.

23. Aloeth Pathi Unite ex


Aloeth Pathi

Unite ex

(This isn't a spell about me, you and him)

                                                               bong pret
bong breathe air
                        pret to drink water
bong bong bong bong
                              pret pret pret pret
bong swim
                           pret flying
bong pret
                   the tadpole flap
          shit tadpole
in the car yesterday
the story of lizards, crocodiles, rats, cats, cockroaches, fleas
and the dogs passed
bong pret
after this toilet story
tomorrow change Panda, Rabbit, Squirrel
Cute dinosaurs or guinea pigs
bong pret
                 bong pret
                                   bong pret
                                              Tobong rolled
                                              The operet is closed
                                    (Gandrung Literature House 270619)

Aloeth Pathi, born in Pati, Central Java. His work was published by Mata Media with a shared anthology, Poetry Against Corruption 2 (Surakarta Literary Forum 2013), From Sengon Dam to Panengel Bridge (Kudus Arts Council and Surakarta Literary Forum 2013), Harmonica Community of Life; Harmonika December (Nine Pearls 2014), Mom: The First God that I Knew (Garage 10 Bandung 2014). To Mr. President, (Family Gull 2014), Epiphany of the Great Sorrow of the Nation (Nine Pearls 2014), Memory Rumbling Poetry (LAPINDO Victims Suing (KLM) and Urban Poor Consortium (UPC), 2014), Solo in Poetry (Pawon Literature, 2014) , Literary Poetry Literary, (Indramayu, 2014), Rubber Bands (Gandrung Sastra Media, 2014), The Painting of Memories, LSWK, Pati 2014), Gaza Grief Our Grief (Nittramaya, Magelang, 2014), 13 a Peace of Me (13) Surya University, 2014), Sebumi Poem # 2 "Iron Chimney" (LESTRA Kendal, 2014), Sang Pemoka (Gambang, Yogyakarta, 2014), Memo for the President (Surakarta Literary Forum, 2014), Arranging Peace (Nittramaya, Magelang 2015) manage the Gandrung Media Literature & Literature Boat Bulletin.

24. Suyitno Ethex The price of independence


Suyitno Ethex

The price of independence

Nearing independence in early August
on every road offer independence
banner penor flag is sold

The price of pennant sprouts
That is the price of the flag
so does the flag pole

Seller buyers interact
bargaining happens
seemed to forget how
the fighters took independence

Bidding for independence occurs
warning is just a symphony
too much

Mojokerto, 1.8.2019

Suyitno Ethex, born and raised in Mojopahit (Mojokerto), his work in the form of poetry, short stories and essays has been published in several mass media, including in Suara Karya, Republika, West Sumatra Literature, Media Indonesia and others. His poems were collected in several poetry anthologies, including at the Literature Meeting in Medan, and the Literature Meeting in Kediri. Literature Gathering in Malaysia, From Sragen Memnadang Indonesia (2012), Malsasa (2013), Poetry2 Flows Into The Sink Into The Getter (2013), Poetry Against Corruption (Volume, I, II, IV, V), Presidential Memo (2015) , Temanten Langgit (2015), Tifa Nusantara (2014 and 2015), Solo in Poetry (2014), Lumbung Poetry (2015), Cimanuk (2016), Country of Clouds (2017), Bangkalan Festival (2017), Spaces No Longer Space (2017) 2017), Testimony of the Electric Pole (2018), State of the Sea (Negeri Poci 2018), Tracks of Sharp Stone Poems (2018), Natural Word (2019), Emeralds of the Equator (2019), Reading Hijans in the Full Moon (Tembi, 2019) and others -other. Also in the Anthology of "Intercourse with Time" (2014), "From Love to Country" (2015), "Taste of Taste" (2016) and Short Stories of "Pancal Bicycles" (2016), "Archway of Mojopahit Trail" (2018) , "Dictional Scavengers" (2019)
Worked at UPT Kec. Mojosari Kab. Mojokerto, and Lecturer at the Uluwiyah Islamic Institute. Active on the District Arts Council. Mojokerto, as Deputy Chairperson, and Activist of the Poetry Movement Against Corruption (PMK).

25. Sumrahadi Merdeka Although in Fantasy



Merdeka Although in Fantasy

I am free,
In the circle of the tongue imprisonment law
Be inspired behind bars
Poetry with faint ink colors

I am free,
Although I have to schedule illness
Because health is so expensive
In a long queue

I am free,
Although in imagination
Because that's independence
He said ...

Jakarta, 01082019

Sumrahadi, another name for Munadi Okay, is a poet living in Jakarta. Born in Jakarta May 17, 1975.

26. Dwi Wahyu Candra Dewi Price of a struggle


Dwi Wahyu Candra Dewi

Price of a struggle

No more complaints about sweat
No more gripping night
When it was blazing, there was no determination,
even darkness as if to reach victory.
At the point of a sharp bamboo spear, a spirit of self-defense is engraved
Gaping wound was not felt
Blood flowing is normal
As appropriate, the struggle for independence.
Countless lives
Immeasurable sorrow
They can be independent.
Merdeka is not a gift
Nor is mercy.
If you still cry for independence, you are nothing more than a beggar!
If you are proud of independence, you are nothing more than a pirate!
Energy, mind, body and soul are mobilized to achieve independence.
Good intentions for happiness of grandchildren, manifested.
This is the price of a struggle
Free ... free ... free

Dwi Wahyu Candra Dewi, a writer from Blora born on May 8, 1983. Her works are mostly in the form of poems published with the work of other poet friends. The penchant for pouring a taste in poetry made him want to always write. One of them is the poem "The Price of a Struggle", the writer has great hopes that there will be no more questions "Are we free?" Questions that doubt the heroes' struggles are very ignorant of gratitude. Even so it should be a lesson to keep the independence that has been achieved.

27. Lianna Putri Sri Musniawati, Only Greatness can defeat


Lianna Putri Sri Musniawati,

Only Greatness can defeat

I am a child of destiny who was given the power to create
myself with the most beautiful lilies in bloom
in the corners of the earth
I was a decree capable of leading myself
from the lust of sheep lost along the field
I am the inevitability that governs everything I am
with childhood dreams that light up big
like hellfire
I am the eternal greatness of that paradise
I am the greatest greatness
will not be defeated by the dwarf dogma of the world's demons
I am God incarnate soul
Semarang, June 9, 2019

Lianna Putri Sri Musniawati, born in Semarang, November 12, 1998. The writer is a former student of SMK Negeri 2 Semarang who majored in Office Administration. Besides writing, he also likes to paint. His work was published in the mass media such as Satellite Post, Portrait of Aceh, Nusantara News, Kompasiana, News Read, etc. His short stories are contained in a variety of shared anthologies, including: The Irreplaceable Soul (2016), the Conditioning of the Heart (2016), the Quiet Clink of the Wanderer (Sabana Pustaka, 2017), and the Flying Flying Bear of Kindness (Indonesian Bookbars, 2018). Then some of his poems are included in the anthology of poetry, namely Derap-Derap Death (Poetry Parade, 2017), My Place of Anchors (Lasaripi Publisher, 2017). This girl, who loved rice fields and dense forest, was active in the Indonesian Kampoeng Writing School (SKM). Three times he was asked to be a judge in local and national short story writing competitions, namely for the Indonesian Hunter Event (January 2019 period), PT Kreasindo Digital Content (May 2019 period), and Indonesian Content Creativity (July 2019 period).

28 Sami'an Adib Garden Tomb of Heroes


Sami'an Adib

Garden Tomb of Heroes

Before the colonists came looting
the earth is lively ripah tablets jinawih
fruit, abundant spices

but the invaders have carved a dark note
on this chest wall with deep wounds
the soul is trapped in some cruel behavior

after the foreign looters were expelled
this country is not deterrent from raising prestige
scattered mines, the land is increasingly fertile

but the rumbling sadness that filled the chest never stopped
because the sacrifice of the fighters was not yet equal to an independent land
when people are still trapped in the pit of a snare of misery:

we often hear screams of farmers in the pile of their crops
buried by the remnants of imported commodities that come suddenly
on the pretext of material needs of the people began to scarce

while in the parliament building they did not find anyone
maybe still busy safari preparing a commercial booth
to display office chairs with all the secrets

I tried to collect the fighting flakes in frangipani petals
the memorial tomb of a forgotten hero
to spread again in the nursery persada soul

instant peace of mind created
vengeful fire goes out without coals
ruined prayerfully

: "Lord, they have arrived at the independent village
allow me tomorrow to find the true meaning
life free from the chains of prejudice and suspicion ”
Jember, 2019

Sami'an Adib, born in Bangkalan on August 15, 1971. Graduated Strata I in the Indonesian Language and Literature department of the Faculty of Literature at the State University of Jember (Unej). Writing achievements include: won 3rd place in the short story writing competition held by Unpad Faculty of Literature BEM, Gus Dur Poetry Writing Competition held by Kaliwungu Literature Course, Poetry Choices II Poetry Prairie Literature Journal # 5, Poetry Choice III Poetry Prairie Literature Journal # 6 Since high school he actively wrote in school bulletins. His poems are published in several print and on-line media. The poetry anthology is inter alia: Kalimantan Rinduku Abadi (Disbudparpora Kota Banjarbaru-Banjarbaru City Arts Council, 2015), Endless Requiem (Dema IAIN Purwokerto, 2017), Negeri Awan (DNP 7 , 2017), Menderas to Siak (2017), East Java: Land Takat Ballad (2017), Hikayat A cup of Robusta (Krakatau Awards 2017), To Toean Dekker (Lebak Dikbud, 2018), Gus Punk (Kaliwungu Literature Course, 2019) and etc. Current activity as teaching staff at a Madrasah in Jember.

29 Sujudi Akbar Pamungkas I read


Sujudi Akbar Pamungkas

I read

I read a lot of Indonesia
is a rich country of riches
but many times I think Indonesia
there is no mercy on this poverty
increasingly acute in people's villages
I read a lot of Indonesia
is a large independent country
but many times I think Indonesia
also not freeing this fate
from the shackles of fellow oppression
many times I read Indonesia
is a fair and prosperous country
but I guess many times Indonesia
never wise
when power robs us of our rights
many times I read Indonesia
is an anti-rasuah country
but I guess many times Indonesia
not wholeheartedly eradicate
looting and extortion of life
Indonesia, many times I read
turns out to be just a simple elegy series
the eternal fairy land of the dreamers
here only the ruling power
what would my life say to you
(part, 010819)

Sujudi Akbar Pamungkas, born in Tuban 1971. Writing poetry, short stories and reportage since high school. Several times have been nominated for LCP throughout Indonesia. Poetry works are partly summarized in dozens of anthology books such as the 1997 Indonesian Poetry Anthology with Sutardji Calzoum Bachri and Slamet Sukirnanto. Resurrection 1995, Vibrate 1996, Negeri Bekantan 2003, Memo for President 2014, Arranging Peace in 2014, Sangoka 2014, Yellow Jacket Sukirnanto 2014, Century Crow Crow in Palestinian Land 2015, Kalimantan Eternal Heart of 3015, Poetry Against Corruption-6 2017, I wrote 2017 Your name is Batu 2018, A Skyful of Rain 2018, Emerald Equator 2019, Mblekethek 2019 etc. He has been active as a lecturer, broadcaster, journalist and editor of print and radio media. He once published a news tabloid that was toppled by the 2001 Sampit Tragedy. His biography was included in the 2000 Susastra Indonesia Lexicon by Korrie Layun Rampan.

30. Anisah Independence




The poet tread heavily
Stumbling, hobbling
Not failing
Not reaping a commotion

Ready to pitch
Dance in a palace of peace
Sway on martial arts

Flocking they strafe
Barking with a million notes
Hang on the catwalk
Stuck in the mud of dreams

No one cares
Even though you are hungry
Nobody gave you
Even if it's just a mud cake

Keep wailing
In the arms slashed
Unconsciously then vibrate
Whole body sweat

Reach the reeds
Weapons surging in their chests
Magelang, August 2019

Anisah, a teacher at a tsanawiyah madrasa, writes reports and news in Rindang magazine
from 2010 to 201, the editor of anthology poetry students from 2010 to 2014. Writing in poetry anthology books in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

31. Carmad Homeland in the Frame of Longing



Homeland in the Frame of Longing

I never hung a dream on the clouds
But fate stranded me in a foreign land
Gathering diamond sweat
For the sake of being trapped in a rickety hut

There is a longing that broke
At the loud sound of the beetle's wind
From each inch of soil and straw
Also the sound of water whispering

Freedom from a sense of independence
My longing for the homeland
Cooped up in a time room
Buried behind tall buildings, in a quiet country

A glance of shadow flashed
The faces that I live at home
Incandescent spirits on each roll of time
Waiting for hope hanging on my neck

Here in the solemn country
Behind the wall of time, in a tall building
All miss wrapped up in despair
All freedoms flow under the eyes

(dedicated to foreign exchange heroes, who still hang their hopes in foreign lands)

Carmad, born in Indramayu, 21-08-1986. Now has 2 children, lives in the district treisi district. indramayu. works as a traveling trader in elementary school and surrounding communities, nyambi as a cadre of JKN-KIS BPJS Health kc. Cirebon

32. Buana KS Independent


Buana KS


There was still the smell of battle blood
in the tops of grass below the dim pale moonlight

the earth is reluctant to forget the stumbling steps shouldered
unnamed warrior death

how far independence is in the pursuit of this struggle
Concrete cities are busy preying on capitalism
farmers lose tools, the soil is no longer fragrant

in a corner of a stiff building, an arid field
innocent boy dancing singing, playing happily
without the burden hanging on the head
this is actual independence I suppose
Muara Bungo, August 1, 2019

33. Muhammad Levand East Jember people


Muhammad Levand

East Jember people

All wake up after the rooster crows
Wash your face with water
Facing God and thinking
The one who has rice fields takes his hoe
The owner of the garden takes the sickle
Who doesn't have to get ready to work
Some look for wood to the forest
Some are looking for grass to the garden
Cold does not block people's passion
The eastern land of Jember is so fertile
Extensive rice fields stretching from north to south
The gardens beneath the foothills of the mountain are so lush

After the call to prayer the dhuhur reverberated from the nearest mosque
All prepare to return to their homes
Washing the body and sweat
Do not forget to pray
Some returned to their fields and gardens
There is a break in his room
Children coming home from school say hello

Mothers gather
The fathers return to their respective activities
Children playing kites

People are praying
every day:
The people of eastern Jember are very independent
Jember, 2019

   Muhammad Lefand, a writer born in Sumenep Madura under the name Muhammad,  now lives in Ledokombo Jember. Is a migrant who likes writing poetry and beautiful words. Graduates of MA An-Nawari Seratengah Bluto Sumenep and Islamic University Jember Active in several literary communities, among others: as one of the founders and activists of the Jember Foundation Literary Forum, founder and activist of the Jember Literature Forum, activists of the East Java Literary Forum and Jember Poetry Night. His poetry collection entitled "Aku Anak Indonesia" (2013) won 3rd place in the 2013 "Curriculum and Book Center Enrichment Contest Book Competition" in the category of children's poetry, Received an award as the best poetist version of the Warung Anthologi Award in 2013, Best Poetry Writer Verse miss year 2013, and other awards In addition to writing poetry, also writing articles, essays and rhymes. Anthology of the poem book namely: Mutiara Pantun (2014) and Senandung Tanah Merah "(KKK, 2016) .. Anthology of poetry single "One Glass Two Season" (Pena House: 2014). "Don't Call Me Poet (Literature Ganding: 2015) Mental Revolution and Aesthetics (CV Erzatama: 2015). "Sermon The Distance Is Not Intact Distance And Corn ”(Pena House: 2016). And the Image Chronology (FAM Publishing: 2017).

34. Hazani Hamzah A pair of colors


Hazani Hamzah

A pair of colors

A pair of colors is a flag
Is also age
Fluttering and waving
In the lonely I missed my hometown
Where I was born
And suck your love
Mother, your song is still sweet
In a cracked season

Not the stars or the Ferris wheel
What you ask for
Only a pair of colors as a flag
The one you want to keep plugging in
In the morning
For your children history
Sapeken - Sumenep, 25 July 2019

Hazani Hamzah, was born August 16, 1974 in Sumenep to be exact in Sapeken; a small island in the Kangean - Sapeken archipelago located at the eastern end of the island of Madura or north of Bali. The father of 1 (one) child who was named Ega Novela Indah Nian, in addition to cultivating the world of writing (literature), cultural arts activists in his hometown also taught, and became observers of local wisdom. Especially the wisdom of the Bajau which is the majority tribe in the Sapeken Islands which is one of the other tribes in the Sumenep Regency. Like the Madurese, Bajau, Bugis and Mandar.

35. Kajoe's Pencil Song in the land of Merdeka


Kajoe's Pencil

Song in the land of Merdeka

Gas out
Cooking oil runs out
Pam's water is dead
Electric account swells
AC is broken
Wet laundry
Old pregnant wife
The cellphone needs credit
The lottery number isn't transparent
Debt collector is raging
Job application was rejected
Flag ceremony
Climbing slippery pole
Eat crackers
Sack race
Country Song

E-KTP hasn't finished yet
STNk SIM off
rented arrears

Independent country
New bride
Erectile failure

a bloody fever mosquito

Equatorial land

The singing of the boys


Pencil Kajoe, born in Banyumas, 27 January. It has given birth to 14 single anthologies and approximately 18 shared anthologies. His writings are also spread in newspapers, magazines in Indonesia. He is currently the author of the Banyumasan rubric in one of the Javanese-language magazines in Yogyakarta.

36. Eno El Fadjeri The Pancasila Wound Paragraph


Eno El Fadjeri

The Pancasila Wound Paragraph

Proclamation has gone away from dreams
Independence is only recorded on a dark screen
Heirloom flags are worn out by age
Garuda looked down listlessly at its broken wings

Crying baby looking for milk under the city lights
Wrapped by his mother's screaming begging
A blind beggar walks around the country palace
Perverted officials laugh under the aisle of prison bars

Independence is the right of all nations
But independence is only felt by those who are enthroned
Delivering to the front gate of independence
But until now the door has remained locked for the destitute

Enrich the life of a nation
But stupidity still hangs in the heads of the country's children
Participate in carrying out world order
But disability and violence blanket their own country

We are under the sky called Indonesia
We stand on a land called Nusantara
But we were colonized by the country's rulers
We are trapped in a maze of real lies

There are imperfect paragraphs from the bottom of the country
There was tears pouring out from the bodies of the nation's heroes
There is an encouraging hope from commoners

If misery is the main part of independence
So until this nation closes the age of Pancasila is only a gaping wound.
West Jakarta, 010819

Eno El Fadjeri, born in West Jakarta 29-April-1982. An Advocate profession. His first poetry book is "My Wish is My Fear" 2014. His poetry is also found in several Poetry Anthology books with other poets, including; Remembering Home, Aquarium & Delusions, Stories in Literacy, Our Love for Indonesia, Bait Nusantara, and Lumbung Poetry Volume IV. Active Writer in several Literary and Poet groups. Several times won in poetry writing competitions, among others: Champion I poetry event I Love Indonesia, Champion I poetry competition held by the Poet's Footprint Group, Champion II poetry event organized Literary Literature Digdaya, Champion Best Poetry I in the Poetry Archives Competition organized by Bait Nusantara and the Active Writing Forum (FAM), and Award as the Two Best Poems in a mini poetry competition organized by Tebar Poetry.

37. Barokah Nawawi Excessive independence


Barokah Nawawi

Excessive independence

Grandma said I was really happy
Born in an independent era
An age where there are no obstacles for anyone
To reach what is his goal.

Grandma said that this era was really fun
Technological advances make it no longer tired
So that you can leave time for recitation and worship.

Grandma said that my grandfather's fate was unlucky
Although smart can only graduate from Low School
Because my great-grandfather was just an ordinary farmer
Not officials or civil servants who supposedly said to have blue blood.

But I am proud of them
A hard worker who is persistent, honest and religious
Who was able to educate my father to become a bachelor
And the model teacher who was a role model for his students.

Dad is everything to me
I admire his proud figure but his heart is very soft and full of love
Caring about the family, community and environment
Without distinguishing status and wealth.

Which makes me ashamed even my own best friend
The current generation is the foundation of the nation
I thought clean officials were a lot of corrupt
But his wife instead clapped her chest and shouted out loud:
"That's just slander! "

These days it's hard to understand
Like my best friend who is now strange
After being released from prison, he became a legislative candidate
And now managed to sit in a soft seat as a respected member of the Board.

Merdeka is now a free freedom
Many representatives of the people who actually betrayed the people
Many justice enforcers are not upright or oblique
Many judges actually flirt with thieves
And many others that make the head dizzy seven around
And Mother Earth cries sadly without stopping.
Semarang, August 2019

Barokah,  was born, in Tremas Pacitan, 18 August 1954. Worked at PT Telkom since 1974 and retired early in 2002. Anthology of a single poem Bunga Bunga Semak, published by Haikuku Library in 2017.
Anthology of haiku together: Heart of the Moon - Haikuku Library 2018. Anthology of poetry with a.l: Mblekethek, Children of Grandchildren of Poets - Lumbung Poetry 2019. Country of Peace Longing, A world without coma - Literature of breezy 2019, Land on clouds - Rosebook 2018.

38. Agus Mursalin Shouted freedom in the Dictionary


Agus Mursalin

Shouted freedom in the Dictionary

My initial steps were well intentioned
Morning in the east, evening in the west
Witnessing various faces
Gives a distinguishing meaning
The face of different tribes different nationalities different countries
One word that can be agreed upon in tears of sorrow
Laughter is a happy sign
Shaking his head not nodding in agreement
Without a dictionary all humans understand
Then what for
Learn other languages
If it results in differences in understanding
Result in a class debate on manners in the name of the word?
The meaning of words from perception
When can independence?
Kebumen August 1, 2019

39. Indri Yuswandari Where is the direction of the wind


Indri Yuswandari

Where is the direction of the wind

On red soil and spilled tears
we look face to face
like stars and merjan scattered
like a pendulum swinging past time frame

I don't know where upstream we are
the aroma of sea water is very thick anesthetize thousands of fireflies lost light
the wind sniffs the strands of children sparkling hair

I don't know where the wind finds your shadow
dry afternoon that took me to your beach
sometimes naughty playing the tip of the dress reveals the dots of the journey between islands

Your greatness escapes the name of the road
Your glory is not recorded in palm leaves
The sky is watching the flame of incense at prayer
Earth saves love offerings to Mega
Kendal, 01.08.2019

40. Seruni Unie, My name is Pitaloka to: Commander Gajah Mada


Seruni Unie,

My name is Pitaloka
to: Commander Gajah Mada

I am conquering you too, sir
For the history you write on this body
So great
To the whole country
Never flattering

But quite a moment
The rest I want to curse
The scheming of the past, where you lowered the price of women
Only ambition
                                      Listen, sir. I'm Pitaloka of this century
Until whenever, women will choose Belapati, for the sake of maintaining self-respect
Then no need to adigang adigung
On earth Pasundan, your name never floats
         Solo, 2018/2019

Seruni Unie, a connoisseur of poetry from Solo. A number of his writings had appeared in the media and a number of shared anthologies. Engaged in wasp literature. And selected 15 emerging UWRF 2017 authors.

41. Sri Sunarti Hope in the twilight park


Sri Sunarti

Hope in the twilight park

red tinge perched on the horizon
birdsong chirping accompany the twilight
a cup of ginger flavor
among bare-breasted middle-aged men
feels like this country's problems are like unraveling tangled threads

red tinge increasingly lost in the dusk
two gulps and a piece of mangrove
seemed to treat confusion
at an increasingly fading bias

eroded the stench of corruption
drugged favors perverted drugs
tempted tempting prostitution

then you fill in what this country is
until the age of seventy four
just fake dreams
to ignore qolbu

until the evening comes
the man did not move from the court
mortal terrace
his face increasingly decisively hacking
desperate to prosper
beloved beautiful land like a jewel
Indramayu, August 2019

Sri Sunarti, born in Indramayu, May 24, 1965,
Following the joint national anthology include: Anthology of Recital Poetry from the State of Oil 11 Indramayu Poets, Indramayu Arts Council 2001, Anthology of Women Poetry at Intersections, 3 Indramayu Women's Poets, DKI 2003, Anthology of Sun Short Stories Cracking on Cimanuk DKI, 2010, Anthology of State Romanticism DKI Jakarta-Formasi Oil, Cimanuk, When The Birds Are Now Gone, Anthology of Poetry of 100 Poets of the Archipelago Lovz Rinz Publishing, Cirebon, 2016, We are Invaded Again, CV Media Pustaka, Yogyakarta, 2017; Tadarus Poetry, Modern Indonesian Poet, Joint Anthology, CV Media Reader, Yogyakarta, 2017.

42. Muhammad Jayadi Our Flag Is Still Red and White


Muhammad Jayadi

Our Flag Is Still Red and White

In remembrance of the struggle in this country
there is a history that cannot be forgotten, forever etched
our flag's red and white motto
bold red and pure white
symbolize ancestors who struggle with soul, body, blood and tears

Are there memories embedded in memory?
so a warning that the independence of this country must be maintained, don't waste it
cleanse the soul by way of remembrance and thought about self affairs
do not be easily incited by fighting sheep
so that the struggle that is so exquisite we can continue
paint the beauty of the rainbow on the chest
kedamain created, life flows full of noble character.
Halong Kalsel 3 July 2019

Muhammad Jayadi, born on July 19, 1986 in the village of Galumbang, Balangan Regency, South Kalimantan. Become a fan of literature since middle school until now. And now residing in Halong Balangan

43. Sarwo Darmono Independent


Sarwo Darmono


Live the Liberation
Face comes where life is
The face of the place is alive
The face of life is alive
Find out where you live
It can affect the quality of your life
Can make a living
It can make life easier
Always accept what you receive
Always keep in mind the owner
Keep worshiping and praying
Fury in the crowd
Breathe in life with a sense of urgency
Sort of taste and work
be useful
Always invest decent
Tell me about it
With a taste of nala
Tan is not going to harvest it
All surrender to the will of the World
Lucky Thursday Pon

44. Ira Suyitno A Girl's Journey


Ira Suyitno

A Girl's Journey

A woman walks down the hallway of time
Morning to night comes late
The steps resemble a running horse
Because the spirit that keeps burning
Like burning embers in a furnace a refuge barracks

A woman struggles for independence
Appease his soul
Clear his heart
Until the drops of dew in his body
Incarnated crystal in the gaping lip of the cave

A woman continues to achieve her dreams
I don't know how long the pulse will stop
Mojokerto, 31072019

Ira Suyitno, born in Pacitan, December 14 with the original name Bonirah. Learn to write poetry by yourself. Poetry and octopus published among others in Karya Darma, Surabaya Post, Bende, Radar, summarized also in anthology with Charity Stone, Association of Architects and Poets of the Archipelago, Anthite Pas Pasite, Anthology of RRI poetry in Surabaya, Anthology of Full Moon Majapahit Festifal Poetry, and Anthology of Poetry Architects, Archipelago Poetry Anthology; Resist Corruption 5.
Apart from being a mother of Fajar Laksana 22 years old and RoroPrima Jullintang 12 years old, Suyitno's wife works as an educator at SDN Modopuro 2, Mojosari Mojokerto.

45. Arya Setra The Meaning of Independence


Arya Setra

The Meaning of Independence

The whir of sharp bullets that pierced
The cannon blows are deafening,
Standing straight eroded the earth's chest erupted ...
Shouted the fighters foster a spirit of independence even though covered in blood, torn, torn, persecuted and colonized in their own country.
Sacrifice of millions of lives, millions of assets and objects for the sake of one word "Freedom"
Freedom or Death is the watchword of warriors in order to maintain national pride ...
That's a piece of a sad story that delivered Me, You, and also them to an era, where virtual and real coexist in one time.
Free me ...
Free you ...
and Merdeka they are of course different.
For me to be independent is coffee independence, freedom is nudud, and freedom to work ...
if not...? I can die of style ....
August 1, 2019

46. Yoe Irawan Read the book in bushy pine leaves


Yoe Irawan

Read the book in bushy pine leaves

Under the lush pine merkusii
He read a book that taught him to love trees

"Loving the tree preserves life."
So he said in a maintained intellectual intonation
Smell the mesopotamian civilization and the radiant renaissance

He loved reading books and of course being loving trees too
The tree home for birds after the weather
While the hills as wide as his eye wash
Still preaching the fall of cities

Centuries ago, mulberry was blended with Tsai Lun into paper
Then papyrus and pine for the sake of life more pithy
Become a manuscript in the heart of Baghdad. Tragic Tigris
But the book continued to spread until the American Library of Congress
Scattered in the British National Library in England
Although now there are no more postcards from old friends for him
The picture of the Taj Mahal or Eiffle Tower is far like a quivering longing
The letter never came. Thumping no longer displaced
Events like chasing in the roar of the wind on the rolling hills
Flashed but he had no time to remember what and who was between the fight and the joke

Under the lush pine merkusii
He read a book that taught him to love trees
So that reason continues to spread in the roots of shrubs

While he recalls the history of the forest and the birth of new cities
Through pines that fall into books
Sukabumi, January 18, 2019

Yoe Irawan, born in Kendal, Central Java, on June 26. Staying in the City of Sukabumi, West Java.
His poetry works are included in: Anthology of national joint poetry including: Indonesia 1997 (Indonesian Literature Community & Space Publishers, Bandung, 1997), Jakarta in Recent Poetry (Jakarta Culture Office and Jakarta Literature Society, 2000), 142 Poets to the Moon (Literary Study Group Banjarbaru & Kalalatu Press, South Kalimantan, 2006), Kado Cinta (Collection of Poetry, Uwais Indie, 2015) etc. His short story entitled "Teacher For Ra" became the short story in the 2017 Kagama Virtual short story contest, and his short story entitled "A Piece of Wings in May" became the best general short story in the 2019 short story and poetry copyright contest (Kota Kata Kita, DKI Provincial Disparbud Jakarta and Poetry Day Foundation, 2019).

47. Dewa Putu Sahadewa a journey


Dewa Putu Sahadewa

a journey

Digging repeatedly
I found the sound source
where the sun hides the heat
and the rain finds its nest.
"In the middle of a blood field
You're a flag stake
You doubt Indonesia. "

The further I walk
the voice changed lamentations
and the wind erodes the hills
a place where children dance to an independent dance.

"In the middle of a blood field
You're a flag stake
You doubt Indonesia "

I will keep going
decades away
but that voice
will last.
Kupang, August 2019

Dewa Putu Sahadewa , Born in Denpasar in 1969
Writing poetry since middle school, around the 1980s was very active in the world of Literature
The new one continued again in 2015 and 2016 with two anthologies of single poetry, as well as dozens of anthologies of poetry together. Active in Kupang until now as an obstetrician, while being a provocateurs and members in several literary and literary communities, including being one of the founders of Jatijagat Kampung Poetry in Bali.

48 Sambaulu Risen Traces of Struggle


Sambaulu Risen

Traces of Struggle

Late at night towards dawn
People are slaves
And have time, sir

Trapped in body
Poor body
Waiting is certain, sir

And to my soul
Maybe we fight

When the sun reigns
Echoes and rhythms
The beautiful handsome chicken, at dawn
The travel signal is not over yet

And to the rulers of the night
Darkness must have struck
As long as you are aware
The presence of moon and stars
We will not get lost, sir

Dawn always comes
We are prisoners
Occupied time and ego

Silent night
Delivering back
Into the lap of dawn

Not yet independent

Risen Sambaulu, is a poet who was born in Tomohon on December 20, 1999 and lives in Minahasa, North Sulawesi.

49 Nok Ir Free in the soul of the universe


Nok Ir

Free in the soul of the universe

Fighting one by one
In the wild arena, scented nanar
Jungle arrogance became the main measure
Power is above all
The marginal as a snack
Hunger sores are getting more circular
Impossible easily erased rain sorry

Domestic partners formed a conspiracy
Spread of spider webs creates thirst for rulers
The great colony is the law which is confined
Uploading arrogant moaning complaining
The ideology pillars are increasingly being eaten away
The net mesh ensnares miserable faces
Give birth to future babies wallowing with jeri images

Has the body been free?
Free the flowers of hope
The road that runs is blocked by obstacles
Obstruct severe greedy intentions
Fragility of solidarity is increasingly littering
Estuary the invaders increasingly moved
Gray tyranny is often shackled

Independence is not just a negating speech
Must be markedly reflected
In the active stretching of the people incised achievements
Which so many times eroded oligarchic mirage
Nusantara looked up hope you swordsman at a glance gahar
Fend off the newer invaders under the guise of a hero
Grind independence with the illusion of egoism
Adhere to the freedom spans of various lines
The road to independence thanks to the blood of life in tears
Sumenep, 31 July 2019

Nok Ir, is the name of the pen used by Hj. Khoiroh, S. Pd. Elementary school in his works. Born in Demak, this January 28 lives in Sumenep to serve as an educator. His work in the form of short stories and poetry has been collected in a variety of anthologies with fellow writers at home and abroad. Last September 2018, one of his poems entitled "Kali Tuntang in North Kauman" was included in the Nomination Poetry Nomination in the grand event of 1000 Teachers Writing Poetry recorded in MURI Records. His work has been collected in Anthology with Poetry September 2, Anthology of Poetry with Us, Embara Poetry, Marine Women, Mata Cinta, Nation of the Father, Roots of Mother, Short Story Anthology of Culture, Tadarus Poetry, Book of Pentigraph 2 Advertisements on the Front Door, Anthology of Teacher's Poetry About A Book and Secret Science, Country Above the Clouds, A Skyful of Rain-Banjarbaru's 2018 Rainy Day Literary Festival, Our Anthology Is the Emerald Emerald of the Equator, Anthology of Natural Word Poetry, Book of Pentigraph 3, Anthology of 1000 Early Sides, Teachers' Notes Because of Work, Mother's Anthology.

50. Wanto Tirta Bloody Note


Wanto Tirta

Bloody Note

I opened the note from the sheet
bomb boom
blood flowing
in the land of blood
children's souls
daddy's widow
husband of the sword
drenched in blood

build steel souls
gunpowder sky collapsed closing the period
the roof of the cloud house
crying and whirring bullets
fused everyday heartbreaking

earth's persecuted prayers
convey to your hands
most liberator of state-owned land

tears of melting blood
not tired of leaning on the glory of God
unity of hope and determination
wrapping love struggle unites red and white in a handheld

Is Garuda still hugging love?
cure chronic wounds
by the incision of the knife of greed as well as the lust of freedom that enslaved the freedom of civilization of the nation's children

there are tears from the headstone ancestors
the fragile is covered in grass
forgotten by his relatives
there was a pointy bamboo stick still clearly plastered with blood
engraved in the tomb
as if to say
This is the navel of the earth where nails love
stuck free from the shackles of injustice and arbitrariness of the regime of power

let footsteps tread
a stroll in the archipelago park
knit the beauty of fellow nation's civilization to be free of suffering
free daddy loudly speaking


Wanto Tirta, Born and raised in the village of Kracak Ajibarang, Banyumas, Central Java
Writing poetry and geguritan. His poem is contained in several anthology books.
Reading poetry and geguritan from the RT stage or the performing arts stage. Play theater and ketoprak. Engaged in the Community of Outskirts (KOPI)
2015 received the Gatra Budaya award from the Banyumas Regency Government
2017 became the nominee of Javanese Language and Literature Activist from Central Java Language Center.