Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

11. Heru Mugiarso Time Pilgrimage To the Mujahid of this Country


Heru Mugiarso

Time Pilgrimage
To the Mujahid of this Country

I want to invite you, my child
Here for a moment enjoy a pilgrimage of time
Because I'm sure that things have changed a lot now
And we need to reopen the footnotes on the history page

In front of this tomb I have no intention of teaching you to make an idol
To those who have peace resided in it
But if the bones that are now white are able to tell stories
Then he will tell about extraordinary love for his homeland

Blood and tears may have been mixed
Life (perhaps) is no longer valuable
When the singing of the homeland is faint and injured
Calling his son's son to sincerely serve him

The range of their journey, me and you are too far, my child
So it's natural if you are not whole in understanding it
Unfortunately they are not celebrities and because they did not have the chance to become characters
Which makes you fall in love and fascinated to the legend

Not a few of them are just ordinary people
And sometimes the names are not recorded on the tombstone
But before the Creator they are martyrs
Being in the hearts of their noble people are heroes

Want to occasionally I invite you to ponder a moment in front of the tomb
For every time they refuse to forget that this country almost never existed
If they did not take up arms and advance to palagan
And in their souls there is only one word: independence!
Semarang, 2019

Heru Mugiarso, born in Purwodadi Grobogan, June 2, 1961. Writing poetry since I was in junior high school. The works in the form of poetry, essays and short stories and articles were published in various local and national media. Approximately 80 titles of books contain his works. The award obtained is the Indonesian Literature Community Award 2003 as the best poet of 2003. His name is listed in the book What and Who is the Indonesian Poet (2017.) Two anthologies of poetry that have been published are Tilas Time (2011) and Poetry Bear Men (2017), As a resource for literary programs on the BIANGLALA SASTRA SEMARANG TV program. Also, the Community Lentera Literature Guidance majoring in Unnes Counseling Guidance.