Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

12. Brigita Neny Anggraeni, Freedom


Brigita Neny Anggraeni,


free my soul free
I enjoy my freedom
I only want one
so that your soul can be liberated too

I will not burden you
with conclusions
the rules
not even a view

Enough of yourself
your brain, your soul
unencumbered rigid doctrine
dogma that no longer applies

I don't read other thoughts
just read your own mind inside
free from all burdens

wishful thinking
oh, peace of my soul

Brigita Neny Anggraeni, or commonly called Neny, was born in Semarang on February 2, 1979. Her last education was S1 from the Faculty of Medicine, majoring in Psychology at Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang. Neny, who likes painting, photography, and farming, likes to write since elementary school age.
It starts with writing children's stories which are routinely published in Suara Merdeka Semarang. Since then the pleasure of writing has continued to develop, by writing articles, health tips, biographies of figures, and continuous martial arts stories published in Trending Tabloids, and Objective Tabloids.
Also involved in psychology as a finger print consultant. Now, on the sidelines of her busy life as a mother with two daughters, she still keeps writing every day. Co-wrote Poetry in the Poetry Book Against Corruption (PMK) that has been published with other Archipelago Poets. Then the books that have been published by Elexmedia Koputindo (Gramedia Group), namely Transportation Series Books: Railway Series, Car Series, Airplane Series, and Ship Series. Following later was still with the same publisher, Learning Books from Parent Elephant, Series of the Inventors: Tomas Alva Edison, Faraday, and others. Another book that was successfully published was the History Novel Book, Saridin.