Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

13. Wahyu Toveng So much space for each paragraph


Wahyu Toveng

So much space for each paragraph

Tired of this trip. Dusty and rusty. Hope left behind in what kilometer. Forced to peel off the epidermis. Becoming Carrion before the word merdeka is perfect. I was no longer able to scream, but even paralyzed. They are too. Sweat in the body actually put out the axis. No more explosions.

History is only a few paragraphs apart. But his hands and feet have changed ownership. His face was blackened with time. The face of his father's mother was saddened to cause a new city to be deposed. A sturdy city instills the word lost on a paved road. Those words cover the loose soil that once gave life to our children. I wonder where they are now.

Then your back folds the shadow. The path to the forest has disappeared. Shortness of breath as a factory machine or the numbers at the ATM machine. The time is getting bigger to colonize the soul. This trip is full of broken glass that pierced the word independence. I don't know those slogans. I do not know the themes of the celebration.

Mawar Alley, August 1, 2019

Wahyu Toveng, is the pen name of Wahyu Priadi. Born in Jakarta January 16, 1977. Alumni of the Indonesian Graphic Technology Academy. A connoisseur of literature and poetry. Participated in the Art Poetry Exhibition Commemorating the 106th Anniversary of National Awakening Day at OUR SURAU, Banyumanik, Semarang in 2014. Participated in reading poetry in order to welcome the 73rd RRI Hut at RRI Pusat Jakarta. Involved in several Anthology of Poetry Together with several Poets.