Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

14. Sugeng Joko Utomo Irony Homeland


 Sugeng Joko Utomo

Irony Homeland

The independent era in our country
People are racing with each other
To be the people's representative
Or officials
Fighting over the throne chair
Fighting cheating strategies arbitrarily
Tripping a colleague
Even stepping on the tongue of a relative
Not counting dignity
Moral is far from being true

The chosen one is the people's representative
Vying indulgence in lust
Deviant behavior at will
Anomaly of the soul becomes accustomed
Thirst for power
Hungry for possessions

The phenomenon of being poor is considered stale
Or no longer take care
In fact, sometimes it becomes an object
Project budget dredging facilities
Real in their coffers
Mounting wealth alone

Poor people are always forced
To shout the word: merdeka
While holding thirst hungry
Form a line of skinny parades
Occasionally rubbing the chest
Even though the tears have dried

While the elements are getting richer
Without having to shout: free
Just sit behind the desk
Amboi ... the price is high

Tasikmalaya, 1 August 2019

Sugeng Joko Utomo, Physics and Software Engineering Subject Teacher at SMK IT Riyadul Ulum Cibalong Tasikmalaya. And Biology subject teacher at Boarding School School Bina Insan Mandiri Bantarkalong Tasikmalaya. The originator and admin of the Kebumen literary writers group at FB, "Prosa Kita Poisi Kita". Diligently writing poems with the theme of falling in love and heartbreak and the urgency of Javanese Ngapak. Awaiting sponsors to publish more than 200 of his poems in 2 poetry collection books. Originally from Gombong, he lived in Tasikmalaya. Now also active in the Literary Circle Gombong (LISONG)