Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

15. Moh Zaini Ratuloli Cold City


Moh Zaini Ratuloli

Cold City

It's not 6 o'clock in the morning
Dry leaves fall on the road
The wind carries its own body language
For the old city, death is normal
Candlelight in front of the house
Is to give light to you that is not there

The sacredness of faith has you who love the world
Who tore the hearts of ancestors for the sake of rupiah
We were free before you even sold your land
Desire for desire is prison

And heaven is not just tears spilling in prayer
But the earth with all its contents are loved and loved
Take care of your heart and work hard
For the sake of rocks and stones that are hard and radiant
Zaeni Boli 2019

Moh Zaini Ratuloli (Zaeni Boli),  Place of birth: Flores, 29-08-1982, Having appeared at the "Asean Literary Festival 2015" International Festival, his poetry works are also contained in print and in the joint anthology of the Country of Poci, Rejecting Poetry Korupsidan Lumbung Poetry. Merged with Literature Kalimalang as an Investigator of the work since 2013-2017. Also active in literacy with Agupena East Flores. Now living in East Flores, active in Nara Theater, performing at the 2018 National Theater Week in the GBB TEAM, becoming chairman of TBM Lautan Ilmudan teaching at SMK SURA DEWA Flores Timur established the Eskul Theater "Mileanial Art Workshop" . Activating to revive the arts at the Larantuka IKTL Campus.