Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

16. Gilang Teguh Pambudi Behind the Eyes of the Wind Daily


Gilang Teguh Pambudi

Behind the Eyes of the Wind Daily

trees that grow above local regulations
what is his life like?
roots, leaves, even fruit like what?
because politics is mentioned
often a disaster
like when half of the city's lungs are gone
because regulations and politics justify it
while bush and untidiness
on disputed lands
in the seven corners of the city
can be years
a heartbreaking embellishment
which is also justified by law
or toxic wastes take over the river
because justice and politics are timid
or forced to wait for time
and we do live in law
while continuing to question,
whose justice does it have?
then we look in the law
and the politics of power that continues to follow him,
what do our faces look like?
what our posture and height are like
the way of walking and the sharpness of our inner eyes
in political turmoil that asks to be won?
even our worship
the totality of our surrender
straight open interpretations
can be warped, is considered to violate the law
or needs to be opposed by political doors
who hide behind the eyes of the wind daily
so that the spaciousness of life does not take sides
Kemayoran, 31 07 2019

Gilang Teguh Pambudi,  real name is Prihana Teguh Pambudi. Born in a coffee plantation around the tourist area of Curug Sewu, Kendal, Central Java. Then domiciles move around, in Sukabumi, Bandung, Purwakarta, West Java and in Kemayoran, Jakarta. After not teaching at school, a long career as an Indonesian Radio Person, including being the organizer of various cultural events. Start writing in newspapers since high school class 1 / SPGN. Then actively fostering various art communities --- especially literature, pictures and theater, while continuing to write and become a resource person for Literary Appreciation. His poems contained in various anthologies of shared poetry and anthology of poetry itself. His two most recent poetry anthology books, JALAK (Jakarta In a Sack) and TAGAR (Gapura Dance). While in the process of publishing, Climb the Sky --- 100 Scouts Poetry Action.