Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

20 Mim A Murshid Page Seventeen August


Mim A Murshid

Page Seventeen August

Later on the seventeenth of August,
We will again disturb ourselves with the harsh reality of this country.
Mr. leader of the country
Standing tall on the podium of the ceremony and telling stories like in previous years;

With a smile, he said that the age number of our country was independent
But forgot to mention how many children do not go to school in remote villages
He pointed to the dashing photos of the faces of warriors and heroes
But never want to care about faces without a job
He will also remind us that a great nation is a nation that respects the struggles of its heroes
But he forgets that in many places the bosses are reluctant to reward the hard work of the workers at full pay

Seventy-four years Indonesia has been independent
A young number for the age of a nation
But it takes so long until the day we see and find the reality

Seventeen August,
That was a day when we all arrived to be forgetful
Forgetting that there are different meanings of workers and slaves
Forgetting that independence means we don't prey on each other
Forgetting that this nation belongs together, not just a wealthy group

Mr. the leader of that country,
If later in his speech he invited me to be grateful for this independence
I will only ask the extent to which he has expelled the Dutch who clotted in his bloodstream
Madura, 2019

Mim A Murshid, an art student from Sapudi Island, Sumenep. Writing poetry since 2014. Engaged in the Dhamar Community and Poetry Circle Taneyan Lanjheng. His work was published in Radar Madura, Gallery Renjana Pena, NusantaraNews.co, Kawaca.com, Paragraph Bulletin, etc. His latest anthology shares happiness (Media Reader: 2019).