Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

22. Wardjito Soeharso Freedom


Wardjito Soeharso


The wind blows over the land
Bringing news of raining soon coming
Trees dance with their twigs
Making leaves enjoy shaking
Birds sing a morning greeting
In a concerto of green whistle
While the sun smiles welcoming the day
Sharing warmth to the earth
Reflecting light from the ocean

Freedom of nature is a freedom for all
Nature of freedom must be a freedom from man
That's the basic principle of knowledge
Which defines true or false
Builds the value of good or bad
Freedom of the mind
Freedom of the mankind

Wardjito Soeharso, Male with multiple statuses: husband, father, writer, businessman, fancier, dreamer, and many more. Writing as a result of reading fondness. Writing poetry, drama scripts, popular scientific essays, and now is diligently writing novels. Behind the Shadows of Love, his newly published novel, received good reception from his readers. Now writing his second novel series.