Rabu, 15 Januari 2020

24. Suyitno Ethex The price of independence


Suyitno Ethex

The price of independence

Nearing independence in early August
on every road offer independence
banner penor flag is sold

The price of pennant sprouts
That is the price of the flag
so does the flag pole

Seller buyers interact
bargaining happens
seemed to forget how
the fighters took independence

Bidding for independence occurs
warning is just a symphony
too much

Mojokerto, 1.8.2019

Suyitno Ethex, born and raised in Mojopahit (Mojokerto), his work in the form of poetry, short stories and essays has been published in several mass media, including in Suara Karya, Republika, West Sumatra Literature, Media Indonesia and others. His poems were collected in several poetry anthologies, including at the Literature Meeting in Medan, and the Literature Meeting in Kediri. Literature Gathering in Malaysia, From Sragen Memnadang Indonesia (2012), Malsasa (2013), Poetry2 Flows Into The Sink Into The Getter (2013), Poetry Against Corruption (Volume, I, II, IV, V), Presidential Memo (2015) , Temanten Langgit (2015), Tifa Nusantara (2014 and 2015), Solo in Poetry (2014), Lumbung Poetry (2015), Cimanuk (2016), Country of Clouds (2017), Bangkalan Festival (2017), Spaces No Longer Space (2017) 2017), Testimony of the Electric Pole (2018), State of the Sea (Negeri Poci 2018), Tracks of Sharp Stone Poems (2018), Natural Word (2019), Emeralds of the Equator (2019), Reading Hijans in the Full Moon (Tembi, 2019) and others -other. Also in the Anthology of "Intercourse with Time" (2014), "From Love to Country" (2015), "Taste of Taste" (2016) and Short Stories of "Pancal Bicycles" (2016), "Archway of Mojopahit Trail" (2018) , "Dictional Scavengers" (2019)
Worked at UPT Kec. Mojosari Kab. Mojokerto, and Lecturer at the Uluwiyah Islamic Institute. Active on the District Arts Council. Mojokerto, as Deputy Chairperson, and Activist of the Poetry Movement Against Corruption (PMK).