Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

31. Carmad Homeland in the Frame of Longing



Homeland in the Frame of Longing

I never hung a dream on the clouds
But fate stranded me in a foreign land
Gathering diamond sweat
For the sake of being trapped in a rickety hut

There is a longing that broke
At the loud sound of the beetle's wind
From each inch of soil and straw
Also the sound of water whispering

Freedom from a sense of independence
My longing for the homeland
Cooped up in a time room
Buried behind tall buildings, in a quiet country

A glance of shadow flashed
The faces that I live at home
Incandescent spirits on each roll of time
Waiting for hope hanging on my neck

Here in the solemn country
Behind the wall of time, in a tall building
All miss wrapped up in despair
All freedoms flow under the eyes

(dedicated to foreign exchange heroes, who still hang their hopes in foreign lands)

Carmad, born in Indramayu, 21-08-1986. Now has 2 children, lives in the district treisi district. indramayu. works as a traveling trader in elementary school and surrounding communities, nyambi as a cadre of JKN-KIS BPJS Health kc. Cirebon