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33. Muhammad Levand East Jember people


Muhammad Levand

East Jember people

All wake up after the rooster crows
Wash your face with water
Facing God and thinking
The one who has rice fields takes his hoe
The owner of the garden takes the sickle
Who doesn't have to get ready to work
Some look for wood to the forest
Some are looking for grass to the garden
Cold does not block people's passion
The eastern land of Jember is so fertile
Extensive rice fields stretching from north to south
The gardens beneath the foothills of the mountain are so lush

After the call to prayer the dhuhur reverberated from the nearest mosque
All prepare to return to their homes
Washing the body and sweat
Do not forget to pray
Some returned to their fields and gardens
There is a break in his room
Children coming home from school say hello

Mothers gather
The fathers return to their respective activities
Children playing kites

People are praying
every day:
The people of eastern Jember are very independent
Jember, 2019

   Muhammad Lefand, a writer born in Sumenep Madura under the name Muhammad,  now lives in Ledokombo Jember. Is a migrant who likes writing poetry and beautiful words. Graduates of MA An-Nawari Seratengah Bluto Sumenep and Islamic University Jember Active in several literary communities, among others: as one of the founders and activists of the Jember Foundation Literary Forum, founder and activist of the Jember Literature Forum, activists of the East Java Literary Forum and Jember Poetry Night. His poetry collection entitled "Aku Anak Indonesia" (2013) won 3rd place in the 2013 "Curriculum and Book Center Enrichment Contest Book Competition" in the category of children's poetry, Received an award as the best poetist version of the Warung Anthologi Award in 2013, Best Poetry Writer Verse miss year 2013, and other awards In addition to writing poetry, also writing articles, essays and rhymes. Anthology of the poem book namely: Mutiara Pantun (2014) and Senandung Tanah Merah "(KKK, 2016) .. Anthology of poetry single "One Glass Two Season" (Pena House: 2014). "Don't Call Me Poet (Literature Ganding: 2015) Mental Revolution and Aesthetics (CV Erzatama: 2015). "Sermon The Distance Is Not Intact Distance And Corn ”(Pena House: 2016). And the Image Chronology (FAM Publishing: 2017).