Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

34. Hazani Hamzah A pair of colors


Hazani Hamzah

A pair of colors

A pair of colors is a flag
Is also age
Fluttering and waving
In the lonely I missed my hometown
Where I was born
And suck your love
Mother, your song is still sweet
In a cracked season

Not the stars or the Ferris wheel
What you ask for
Only a pair of colors as a flag
The one you want to keep plugging in
In the morning
For your children history
Sapeken - Sumenep, 25 July 2019

Hazani Hamzah, was born August 16, 1974 in Sumenep to be exact in Sapeken; a small island in the Kangean - Sapeken archipelago located at the eastern end of the island of Madura or north of Bali. The father of 1 (one) child who was named Ega Novela Indah Nian, in addition to cultivating the world of writing (literature), cultural arts activists in his hometown also taught, and became observers of local wisdom. Especially the wisdom of the Bajau which is the majority tribe in the Sapeken Islands which is one of the other tribes in the Sumenep Regency. Like the Madurese, Bajau, Bugis and Mandar.