Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

36. Eno El Fadjeri The Pancasila Wound Paragraph


Eno El Fadjeri

The Pancasila Wound Paragraph

Proclamation has gone away from dreams
Independence is only recorded on a dark screen
Heirloom flags are worn out by age
Garuda looked down listlessly at its broken wings

Crying baby looking for milk under the city lights
Wrapped by his mother's screaming begging
A blind beggar walks around the country palace
Perverted officials laugh under the aisle of prison bars

Independence is the right of all nations
But independence is only felt by those who are enthroned
Delivering to the front gate of independence
But until now the door has remained locked for the destitute

Enrich the life of a nation
But stupidity still hangs in the heads of the country's children
Participate in carrying out world order
But disability and violence blanket their own country

We are under the sky called Indonesia
We stand on a land called Nusantara
But we were colonized by the country's rulers
We are trapped in a maze of real lies

There are imperfect paragraphs from the bottom of the country
There was tears pouring out from the bodies of the nation's heroes
There is an encouraging hope from commoners

If misery is the main part of independence
So until this nation closes the age of Pancasila is only a gaping wound.
West Jakarta, 010819

Eno El Fadjeri, born in West Jakarta 29-April-1982. An Advocate profession. His first poetry book is "My Wish is My Fear" 2014. His poetry is also found in several Poetry Anthology books with other poets, including; Remembering Home, Aquarium & Delusions, Stories in Literacy, Our Love for Indonesia, Bait Nusantara, and Lumbung Poetry Volume IV. Active Writer in several Literary and Poet groups. Several times won in poetry writing competitions, among others: Champion I poetry event I Love Indonesia, Champion I poetry competition held by the Poet's Footprint Group, Champion II poetry event organized Literary Literature Digdaya, Champion Best Poetry I in the Poetry Archives Competition organized by Bait Nusantara and the Active Writing Forum (FAM), and Award as the Two Best Poems in a mini poetry competition organized by Tebar Poetry.