Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

37. Barokah Nawawi Excessive independence


Barokah Nawawi

Excessive independence

Grandma said I was really happy
Born in an independent era
An age where there are no obstacles for anyone
To reach what is his goal.

Grandma said that this era was really fun
Technological advances make it no longer tired
So that you can leave time for recitation and worship.

Grandma said that my grandfather's fate was unlucky
Although smart can only graduate from Low School
Because my great-grandfather was just an ordinary farmer
Not officials or civil servants who supposedly said to have blue blood.

But I am proud of them
A hard worker who is persistent, honest and religious
Who was able to educate my father to become a bachelor
And the model teacher who was a role model for his students.

Dad is everything to me
I admire his proud figure but his heart is very soft and full of love
Caring about the family, community and environment
Without distinguishing status and wealth.

Which makes me ashamed even my own best friend
The current generation is the foundation of the nation
I thought clean officials were a lot of corrupt
But his wife instead clapped her chest and shouted out loud:
"That's just slander! "

These days it's hard to understand
Like my best friend who is now strange
After being released from prison, he became a legislative candidate
And now managed to sit in a soft seat as a respected member of the Board.

Merdeka is now a free freedom
Many representatives of the people who actually betrayed the people
Many justice enforcers are not upright or oblique
Many judges actually flirt with thieves
And many others that make the head dizzy seven around
And Mother Earth cries sadly without stopping.
Semarang, August 2019

Barokah,  was born, in Tremas Pacitan, 18 August 1954. Worked at PT Telkom since 1974 and retired early in 2002. Anthology of a single poem Bunga Bunga Semak, published by Haikuku Library in 2017.
Anthology of haiku together: Heart of the Moon - Haikuku Library 2018. Anthology of poetry with a.l: Mblekethek, Children of Grandchildren of Poets - Lumbung Poetry 2019. Country of Peace Longing, A world without coma - Literature of breezy 2019, Land on clouds - Rosebook 2018.