Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

41. Sri Sunarti Hope in the twilight park


Sri Sunarti

Hope in the twilight park

red tinge perched on the horizon
birdsong chirping accompany the twilight
a cup of ginger flavor
among bare-breasted middle-aged men
feels like this country's problems are like unraveling tangled threads

red tinge increasingly lost in the dusk
two gulps and a piece of mangrove
seemed to treat confusion
at an increasingly fading bias

eroded the stench of corruption
drugged favors perverted drugs
tempted tempting prostitution

then you fill in what this country is
until the age of seventy four
just fake dreams
to ignore qolbu

until the evening comes
the man did not move from the court
mortal terrace
his face increasingly decisively hacking
desperate to prosper
beloved beautiful land like a jewel
Indramayu, August 2019

Sri Sunarti, born in Indramayu, May 24, 1965,
Following the joint national anthology include: Anthology of Recital Poetry from the State of Oil 11 Indramayu Poets, Indramayu Arts Council 2001, Anthology of Women Poetry at Intersections, 3 Indramayu Women's Poets, DKI 2003, Anthology of Sun Short Stories Cracking on Cimanuk DKI, 2010, Anthology of State Romanticism DKI Jakarta-Formasi Oil, Cimanuk, When The Birds Are Now Gone, Anthology of Poetry of 100 Poets of the Archipelago Lovz Rinz Publishing, Cirebon, 2016, We are Invaded Again, CV Media Pustaka, Yogyakarta, 2017; Tadarus Poetry, Modern Indonesian Poet, Joint Anthology, CV Media Reader, Yogyakarta, 2017.