Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

44. Ira Suyitno A Girl's Journey


Ira Suyitno

A Girl's Journey

A woman walks down the hallway of time
Morning to night comes late
The steps resemble a running horse
Because the spirit that keeps burning
Like burning embers in a furnace a refuge barracks

A woman struggles for independence
Appease his soul
Clear his heart
Until the drops of dew in his body
Incarnated crystal in the gaping lip of the cave

A woman continues to achieve her dreams
I don't know how long the pulse will stop
Mojokerto, 31072019

Ira Suyitno, born in Pacitan, December 14 with the original name Bonirah. Learn to write poetry by yourself. Poetry and octopus published among others in Karya Darma, Surabaya Post, Bende, Radar, summarized also in anthology with Charity Stone, Association of Architects and Poets of the Archipelago, Anthite Pas Pasite, Anthology of RRI poetry in Surabaya, Anthology of Full Moon Majapahit Festifal Poetry, and Anthology of Poetry Architects, Archipelago Poetry Anthology; Resist Corruption 5.
Apart from being a mother of Fajar Laksana 22 years old and RoroPrima Jullintang 12 years old, Suyitno's wife works as an educator at SDN Modopuro 2, Mojosari Mojokerto.