Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

49 Nok Ir Free in the soul of the universe


Nok Ir

Free in the soul of the universe

Fighting one by one
In the wild arena, scented nanar
Jungle arrogance became the main measure
Power is above all
The marginal as a snack
Hunger sores are getting more circular
Impossible easily erased rain sorry

Domestic partners formed a conspiracy
Spread of spider webs creates thirst for rulers
The great colony is the law which is confined
Uploading arrogant moaning complaining
The ideology pillars are increasingly being eaten away
The net mesh ensnares miserable faces
Give birth to future babies wallowing with jeri images

Has the body been free?
Free the flowers of hope
The road that runs is blocked by obstacles
Obstruct severe greedy intentions
Fragility of solidarity is increasingly littering
Estuary the invaders increasingly moved
Gray tyranny is often shackled

Independence is not just a negating speech
Must be markedly reflected
In the active stretching of the people incised achievements
Which so many times eroded oligarchic mirage
Nusantara looked up hope you swordsman at a glance gahar
Fend off the newer invaders under the guise of a hero
Grind independence with the illusion of egoism
Adhere to the freedom spans of various lines
The road to independence thanks to the blood of life in tears
Sumenep, 31 July 2019

Nok Ir, is the name of the pen used by Hj. Khoiroh, S. Pd. Elementary school in his works. Born in Demak, this January 28 lives in Sumenep to serve as an educator. His work in the form of short stories and poetry has been collected in a variety of anthologies with fellow writers at home and abroad. Last September 2018, one of his poems entitled "Kali Tuntang in North Kauman" was included in the Nomination Poetry Nomination in the grand event of 1000 Teachers Writing Poetry recorded in MURI Records. His work has been collected in Anthology with Poetry September 2, Anthology of Poetry with Us, Embara Poetry, Marine Women, Mata Cinta, Nation of the Father, Roots of Mother, Short Story Anthology of Culture, Tadarus Poetry, Book of Pentigraph 2 Advertisements on the Front Door, Anthology of Teacher's Poetry About A Book and Secret Science, Country Above the Clouds, A Skyful of Rain-Banjarbaru's 2018 Rainy Day Literary Festival, Our Anthology Is the Emerald Emerald of the Equator, Anthology of Natural Word Poetry, Book of Pentigraph 3, Anthology of 1000 Early Sides, Teachers' Notes Because of Work, Mother's Anthology.