Minggu, 12 Januari 2020

50. Wanto Tirta Bloody Note


Wanto Tirta

Bloody Note

I opened the note from the sheet
bomb boom
blood flowing
in the land of blood
children's souls
daddy's widow
husband of the sword
drenched in blood

build steel souls
gunpowder sky collapsed closing the period
the roof of the cloud house
crying and whirring bullets
fused everyday heartbreaking

earth's persecuted prayers
convey to your hands
most liberator of state-owned land

tears of melting blood
not tired of leaning on the glory of God
unity of hope and determination
wrapping love struggle unites red and white in a handheld

Is Garuda still hugging love?
cure chronic wounds
by the incision of the knife of greed as well as the lust of freedom that enslaved the freedom of civilization of the nation's children

there are tears from the headstone ancestors
the fragile is covered in grass
forgotten by his relatives
there was a pointy bamboo stick still clearly plastered with blood
engraved in the tomb
as if to say
This is the navel of the earth where nails love
stuck free from the shackles of injustice and arbitrariness of the regime of power

let footsteps tread
a stroll in the archipelago park
knit the beauty of fellow nation's civilization to be free of suffering
free daddy loudly speaking


Wanto Tirta, Born and raised in the village of Kracak Ajibarang, Banyumas, Central Java
Writing poetry and geguritan. His poem is contained in several anthology books.
Reading poetry and geguritan from the RT stage or the performing arts stage. Play theater and ketoprak. Engaged in the Community of Outskirts (KOPI)
2015 received the Gatra Budaya award from the Banyumas Regency Government
2017 became the nominee of Javanese Language and Literature Activist from Central Java Language Center.