Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

51 Suhendi RI Eye of the Pen


Suhendi RI

Eye of the Pen

Gaze blankly at the corner of the room
A book lying
Helpless on the table
While the dervish is sound asleep
Hugged quietly

Ink that carves a historical trail
Become eternal verses
Even if it is destroyed, it is read by termites
The story is recorded in ancient memories

When daybreak opens the morning curtain
The soul wanders to another soul
Looking for alif lam mim
In the Fayakun Manuscripts

Before the pen's eyes are dazzled
Sparkling golden lights and gems
Wake up from the transience of the world

When you arrive at the end page
Understand the true meaning of words
Kebon Jeruk, July 19, 2019

Suhendi RI, born in Bekasi, September 25, 1986. Fun writer who likes underground music. His poetry incorporated in several anthology books is also contained in various media. Podium (2015) collection of single poetry books.