Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

53. Herisanto Boaz Independent poetry song


Herisanto Boaz

Independent poetry song

I'm thankful for the word soul
conceived sweet devotional devotions
flown in a cool powered wind
anchored at the coastal docks of descent
where I grew up in the coral reefs

I was nosed in diversity
a million-flowered tropical garden
in the personification of palm palm kicking
sleep on the metaphorical swing of the night
I developed in harmony with nature

I danced accompanied by song and gamelan
the shade permeated the deepest heart
In the hyperbole season, I dance cheerfully
surfing between tourists and dreams
to newcomers, I smiled with pride

I was recited in a fiery prayer of faith
like my mother bowing down in the hut of praise
I stand guard as a cultural lighthouse
illuminating the motherland in His light
To the heir, I submit the mandate of Lima

Holistic Studio, July 2019

Herisanto Boaz, born in Bandung, 11 December. Anthology of his Poems, among others: Song of Birth Land; Lex Puitika Song of Deliktum; Ballad Coda Secota; Aluci Soul Altar; Good Patience Silhouette; Tetilas Tetilas Cinta. Joint Anthology: OBS 1020 Sonian Three Countries; The Universe Haiku Universe; Country of Clouds; PMK-Poetry Resists Corruption-6, ACSS International, A Bowl of Soup at the Constitutional Court, Haiku & Haiga Against Corruption, Poetry of HPN-Pesona Ranah Bundo, Negeri Negeri Bahari, Rasa Tree. Anthology of the Short Story: The Legend of the Beloved Altar; The Pen Shoot Opera. Novels and Scenarios: Menara Cinta Filea; Missing Reconstruction; Soul Book Orchestra; 3 M1 -3 M2; The Hero of Love; Your Heart is as Peaceful as Your Haiku. Now as Superintendent and IN-Coach; Leading HIPWI, Patrolindo Group, KH / LBH Pro-Post, LBPHKI, Sasasi Literacy Theater-APPIA, BJC Ministry, Holistic Theater Studio, and Master Vision 45. *** (HSB)