Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

55 Sanur Keziandari Deliverance Dish


Sanur Keziandari

Deliverance Dish

Sometimes, I want to breathe the wind
Throughout the night coast
While I enjoy the warm meal

Every delicious stall is life
Lontong Cap Go Meh is chewy delicious
Work markers must be resilient and strong
Ice Lontrong is a legendary drink
Refresh sweet togetherness
Rujak Teplak with its special sambal
Liven up the house simply
All are variations, beautiful like vision
Especially if I slowly taste it
Savory Ponggol rice or Langgi rice

But with ginastel coffee tea fragrant
My life is complete with eating
Amazing word, great country modifier
Bandung, July 2019

Sanur Keziandari, born in Bandung, on March 27. Active writing poetry, short stories, novels and screenplays since he was a teenager and while active in the Holistic Theater Literature Studio. His work was published in anthology: Violin Cafe Istana. Sanur has won the Cipta Monolog in FL2SN; Winner of Short Story Cipta from LKBN Kompaxindo. Winners in the short film festival: Dedaun (2015), Pole (2016), Dish (2016), National Champion of Cipta Scenario from APWIA. Anthology poetry together: Indonesia Still There is the Sun (2017); Moonlight (2018). Sanur was once active in Saka Dirgantara. Now Sanur is active in the BJC Ministry, There is Citra / Young People Love Literature, Pamisa / Patria Milenia Friends, Sasasi / Indonesian Literature Literature Studio. ** (SK) **