Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

56. Rut Retno Astuti Freedom Stethoscope


Rut Retno Astuti

Freedom Stethoscope

On a blue beach trip
I want every second of your presence
It beats like a living heart
Pulsating certainly never dim

I want you to manifest five colors
Curl up like a rainbow of shades
As beautiful as the dusk on the coast of the archipelago

I wish you warm fire always
Hold me close to the edge of the ocean
Where the wind moaned
Tunable in harmony beats ripples

I smell our hearts like water and sea
Stethoscope detected in unity
Words, tones and rhythms in the sea of love
Sumedang, July 2019

Rut Retno Astuti, born in Tegal City, February 22. The doctor who graduated from FK UNDIP Semarang, wrote several literary genres, including: Dawai Hati Hati (2014); Our Women's Rhythm (2015); Site of the Empowering Mother (2016). Also joined in AWWA (Asean Women Writers Association) and her work contained in Selendang Mayang (2017) Sketches of Mother's Faces (2017); Other shared anthologies: PMK - 6 / Poetry Against Corruption (2017) - Indonesia Still has Sun (2017). - Pentigraph & Putiba Anthology "A Bowl of Soup in the Holy Night" (2017); Haiku Against Corruption & Haiga Exhibition (2017); Anthology of Indonesian Poetry Poem "Enchantment of the Bundo Domain" - HPN (2018). Maritime Affairs KDNP (2018); Haiku: Heart of the Moon (2018), and many other works. (RRAS) ***