Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

57. Profijesarino Ubud Chronology of Independence


Profijesarino Ubud

Chronology of Independence

Stretch the distance between the waves
in a conflict of waves
my eyes listened to the row of fishermen
in messy slums
singing softly in between the pressure
While on the edge of the coast line
pulled over to buy a dream

Displaying the history of common coastal
sand dune is a concern
slapped grabs noisy noise
Whereas in the flow forward ideals
commoners are used to what they are
with a rancid smell and foamy froth
even the map is not marked
When this groove is reversed it is quiet
then the attitude remains in the heart
keep ringing in a definite tone
Bandung, July 2019

Profijesarino Ubud, born in the city of Bandung, on April 7. Take his Triple Degree Lecture in Bandung. Profi is now active as a journalist and executive editor in the Patrolindo media group, Pro-Post. Anthologies include: SLE - Golden Screen Silhouette. Joint Anthology: PSAN, Prodiwa-Spirit Nation Champion; Anthology of Pentigraph & Putiba "Soup Bowl in the Holy Night" (2017); Haiku Against Corruption - HAKI (2017); Negeri Bahari (2018); Haiku: Taste Tree (2018). Now, Profi is active in the Holistic Theater Studio, DPP APWIA, Ada Citra / Cinta Cinta Literature, Pamisa, Sasasi, as well as screenwriter, DOP & Art Director at PH Master Vision 45. His work has won various short film festivals and literary and literary contests. ** (PUD) **