Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

58. Azni Kintamani Storefront of Freedom


Azni Kintamani

Storefront of Freedom

Missing wind brought me here
To the window of the maritime country's wealth
Innocent boat, canoe and escort
Lined ushering in a glowing nation

Here, hundreds of mask dances are created
But there are no iron-masked faces
There is no falsehood and lying

Philosophy "Tatag Teteg Galang Right"
We put a label on a big window

Let's cry, lament and come back
In kebaya, bun, radiant color
On a jacket with a magic wulung head
Let this nation look more robust
As strong as millions of canoes burst into the world
Bringing us to be an authoritative nation
Bandung, July 2019

Azti Kintamani, born in Sumedang, on May 19. Active writing poetry, short stories, novels and screenplays since he was a teenager and while active in the Holistic Theater Literature Studio. His work was published in anthology: Paradewi Boutique Symphony. Kinta once won Cipta Poetry in FL2SN; Winner of Cipta Disparbud Poetry in Bandung during high school. Winners in the short film festival: Tunas (2015), Pole (2016), The Bottle (2016), National Champion of Copyright and Reading Poetry from APWIA. Anthology poetry together: Indonesia Still There is the Sun (2017); Moonlight (2018). Kinta has been active in Saka Dirgantara. Now Kinta is active in the BJC Ministry, Sasasi / Indonesian Literature Literature Studio, Pamisa / Patria Milenia Friends, There is Citra / Young People Love Literature. ** (AKK) **