Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

59 Marlin Dinamikanto Factory Fail


Marlin Dinamikanto

Factory Fail

After the eel drifted in the rat hole
rice snakes become strangers to see
straddling factory walls
dry expanse of arid chocolate

I don't know how many farmers are buried
roaring brickwork continues to elongate
not left when the field snake
lives alone, befriended mice
at the eel's funeral

Waders are usually miders
pecking plankton in hay feet
long disappeared before moving on
to a picture book for school children

The isolated rice fields are increasingly drying out
oppressed brick - the farmer's child prefers
hope to work in a factory. There is no rice
can be harvested in four months
while salaries can be harvested
before uritan moved to the fields

green expanse which sometimes turn yellow
now insulated factory walls
rice snakes that live alone
dead - the carcass played by a kitten
in the crack of the factory wall
failed to build after a sluggish economy

no rice is harvested tomorrow
nor is the monthly salary. Only seen
the mouse jumps in the fragile brick gap
scattered on a bed of arid chocolate
Ngagel, 31 July 2019