Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

60. Agustav Triono : Are you free with real freedom?

Are you free with real freedom?

The ground spilled my blood
Land of complaint
My homeland
Land for washing
My nation's wound
Don't wet all the time
Dry again smoothly
Do not gape
Don't sweat
Remove sorrow

Merdeka has been grasped
Mother Earth has been in the lap
Since the Proclamation
Daulatlah this country
But back to the contemplation
Already independent?
Really independent?
Alright !
Freedom from the shackles of invaders
Freedom as a free country
Determine the direction of the nation's goals
Towards a noble cause
Dreams and hopes are grasped

But are you free?
Really independent ??
Freedom from poverty
Freedom from rampant corruption
Freedom from injustice
Freedom from environmental damage
Freedom from drug outbreaks

Still struggling
Free yourself from the present invaders
Broken joints of the country
That doesn't seem real
But undermined
Spread the virus in pores
Slow and sure
Our body is infected
The devastating disease
Remove the root causes
Firmly and surely
Order for diseases
Immediately destroyed
Order to be independent
Actually independent!

Agustav Triono, born in Banyumas, August 26, 1980. Now lives in Purbalingga. Active in the Theater and Literature Officers Community (KATASAPA) Purbalingga. Honorary Teacher at SMPN 1 Mrebet, Purbalingga. His literary works have been published in several mass media and joint anthology books.