Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

61. Sri Budiyanti : Rhyme of Independence

Rhyme of Independence

It is not easy
To reach the word "INDEPENDENT"
It takes extraordinary struggle and sacrifice
When bamboo spears become a weapon
Do not want to be a coward
The one hiding under the blanket

Only one goal
Independent of invaders
Freedom from ignorance
Freedom from oppression
Freedom from persecution
Freedom from violence
Freedom from cruelty
Independent of humans
The one without humanity

Fighting is not afraid to fall
Forward never backward
Until the last drop of blood
With determination and a spirit of unity
For the sake of usurping independence
So that the red and white continues to fly

With deep-rooted intentions and beliefs
There is no struggle in vain
Unleash prayer
On the mercy of God Almighty
Indonesian independence

Hear it
Cheers of the people of Indonesia
Similar equatorial tones
Called for
and Independent

Demak, August 1, 2019

Sri Budiyanti, was born in the city of Demak which was dubbed the city of guardians on February 21. Has a hobby of writing since attending junior high school. Writing various poetry genres namely free poetry, Haiku, Sonian etc. It has been recorded in a joint anthology about the mosque, anthology with singing with poetry, anthology with us in Jajah Lagi, Indonesia Funny, Satrio Piningit and antalogy with whoever the love of love (PPN XI) and so on. Lives in a Sidomulyo Village Hamlet Krasak RT.10 RW.01 Dempet Subdistrict, Demak Regency, Central Java. Bachelor of Primary School Education. Everyday he teaches in an Elementary School, Balerejo State Elementary School 2.