Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

62. Dede Rostiana ; That is independence

That is independence

Freedom is freedom for humans
Hanging around
Get some fresh air and live comfortably
A row of the history of independence is always imagined
Heroes' services
Even if they were still there
Maybe they were lara and offered their condolences
Because of the independence they are fighting for
Still not as valuable as their lives

O young generation
How tough you are fighting
Fighting poverty is also a crime
Maybe they say that
The youth of today, could it be possible to take responsibility
Pandaikah hunt debate then demand rights?
Dare to give up body and soul?
For the sake of national and state independence
Although the muzzle of the weapon is in front of the chest
They are not afraid of all that, instead they are just afraid
Whispers: "Walk straight dude!"
Even though he did not see the turn
"Freedom follows what is supposed to be followed then silence!"

Dede Rostiana, born in Tasikmalaya16 February 1972. His last education was Masters of Educational Administration, Galuh Ciamis University. A teacher at Cintawana Islamic Boarding School. in Tasikmalaya. An active writer in several writing communities. Author's works in the form of Poetry and Articles have been published in Local Newspapers, Surya Rengganis Tabloids, Mangle Magazine, Guneman Magazine, Priangan News, Ready to Learn, Galamedia and People's Mind. The author joins several anthologies with both Poetry, Short Stories, and Cernak (wonderland creative) and (Raising Star). The author has also published two single Anthology Poems; Longing for the Moon and Sunrise in your eyes.