Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

64 Toni Kahar: Exclamation of a Hero in School : Nostalgia for Lessons in School

Exclamation of a Hero in School
: Nostalgia for Lessons in School

In the green walled school building
I looked at the dark past
About Allahu Akbar
That sentence is like piercing a cloud
Hope the rain of grace comes from God
Remember if there is blood
Who painted history in Indonesian soil?

Who wants to fight
If not fought first.
Take the land
Seizing sovereignty
Depriving indigenous lives.
Fighting is not foolishness
If in the sense of defending the country.

In the school building, under the shadow of coconut trees
Which is already peaceful.
I breathe fresh air, but
I have goosebumps on my hair
Respond to the anxious who came
When the teacher told me about Heroes

Hey kid
sweet taste of life in the modern era huh?
As sweet as dumbek when the earth was held
But you don't know how tired it is to make it

The journey of this country is still long
It could be that independence will be taken back
It depends on who is holding it.
Don't forget the history of the blood, son.
On one side the rain that is falling is bringing grace
But the other side
Slowly draw blood on the ground will disappear
The river is taken to the river

The hero has advised
"Don't forget the dark history
Where is Bung Karno and his friends
Fight with a strong grip on faith. "

Exclaimed my teacher at that time
My body shook
The sound of bell blows
Even incarnated boom boom
The sound of my friend's feet could be heard
Like the sound of invaders' shoes.
I sat alone in the front seat
The shadow remained in the pre-independence era.
Rembang 2019

Toni Kahar, Born in Sumenep, December 3, 2019. Active in the ATAP Literature Community and SAKA Sarang Rembang, Chief Editor of al-Hibr Magazine STAI Al-Anwar. Currently studying at PP. Al-Anwar Sarang Rembang. Some of his works, Poetry, Short Stories, and Reviews have been published in Media Online, and his kumcer book is manifested as "Slingshots and Birds in a Sour Tree" (FAM, 2019)