Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

66. Sukma Putra Permana: Independence day records

Independence day records

"What is independence, sir?"
Asked a little boy to his father
with a piece of bamboo scavenging through a pile of garbage
the remnants of the festive celebration of Indonesian Independence last night
in a corridor of the capital's township.
The father just smiled as he looked briefly at his son
then continue the work of sorting through trash
then put it in a plastic bag carried by the child.

"What is independence, sir?"
The boy repeated his question.
His father seemed not to care, still engrossed in picking garbage.
However, a moment later the father stopped from his busy schedule
then pensive for a moment and seemed to realize something.
He suddenly shouldered his plastic sack
and grabbed the child's arm
took him away from that place.
While half running following his father
the little boy asked again
"Are we free, sir?"
August 2019