Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

69. Alhendra Dy Painting of Independence

Painting of Independence

I want to paint furiously
On a canvas made from soul skin
I will shed blood for red
Then I mashed the bones to white
Bile for black
A dream for her ashes.

I want this painting already
Even though the mind is sore
Let it be born in poignant scaffolding
I want you to understand
That I'm holding a grudge
Not sad.

I have to finish it
While breathing is left
In order to die calmly
And regret does not move
I hang in the highest arasy
A form of evidence,
That is great
Need sweat need tears
Not puja
Not praise.

Later enjoy strong
Cast me to the bottom of servitude
Meskipum never mind awakening
In every bloodstream
Still there is pride there is hypocrisy.

Jambi, Bangko July 31 2019

Alhendra Dy, aged 48, is a resident of the village of Bangko-Merangin-Jambi. Since 1990 they have been willing to dedicate their age to art and art. The caretaker of the Merangin Kreativ art gallery. His poetry is spread in various anthologies, both single and together.