Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

70. Meita: A handful of Independence Prayers

A handful of Independence Prayers

Although now the cry of independence is not as red as before
Although the rush of rousing did not happen at that time
But blood is still red, and spirit is still growing

Fabric flag on the height of the pole
It will not prevent millions of prayers
For the establishment of a great beloved nation Indonesia

Take a look
Footsteps still echoed
The song of victory is so perfect
And hope will always be there

My bow
On the creator miss
It will smell nice of your name
In every heart of your inhabitants ... my Indonesia

Meita, or commonly called Mey, is a person who has a hobby of writing since around 2012 ago. The ideas of his writings are contained in his Facebook notes. His interest in poetry is because by poetry we can channel all emotions, sadness, happiness through scribbles which incidentally can entertain readers.