Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

72. M Dhaun El Firdaus : For the sake of blood

For the sake of blood

In the dark before me
Accompanied by the dry wind
Memories leaning on the shoulders of the past
History tells the story of your struggle of grief

Not just a fairytale
About you strung together beautiful narration
The sincerity of love tells a story
Implies the meaning of true sacrifice

Treasure, family you are willing to leave
Sweat, you shed blood
For the sake of preserving the motherland
Shortly after independence was declared

The battle is not over yet
Still free to act
Even slander still ranks
Real enemies camouflage in cyberspace

For the sake of the blood that runs through my body
On behalf of the Beloved, the Eternal
I continued to defend the independence of truth
I aim for belief with "Death to heaven, victorious!"
Kebumen, August 1, 2019