Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

71. Sudarmono: Dignity Travel

Dignity Travel

Maybe I was thrown
on the lips of millennial century
down a silent hallway
crystallized in a crowded world

I'm not complacent
city noise that appears
no sign of anything
until peace turns anger

I feel we have an essential reason
for capital to earn a fortune
ignored self-respect anymore
depraved dignity to death

This is the name of travel history
among a group of people
to analyze the forms of civilization
failed ancestral message in sublime intentions

North Tambun, July 16, 2019

Sudarmono / Raden Mas Sudarmono, born in Bantul Yogyakarta 11 October 1963, art began in high school and when he joined the Yogyakarta Dynasty Theater, the Bantul Theater Society and the Indonesian People's Theater Group, PMK activists reject poetry. These social writings were widely published in regional and national newspapers , while his poetry writings are widely recorded with other Nusantara Poets, to this day he is still listed as a Member of the Board of the Bekasi Regency Arts Council, Literature and Theater Committee, author's work and works in the Tambut Bekasi Mendut Community