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Rabu, 08 Januari 2020

51 Suhendi RI Eye of the Pen


Suhendi RI

Eye of the Pen

Gaze blankly at the corner of the room
A book lying
Helpless on the table
While the dervish is sound asleep
Hugged quietly

Ink that carves a historical trail
Become eternal verses
Even if it is destroyed, it is read by termites
The story is recorded in ancient memories

When daybreak opens the morning curtain
The soul wanders to another soul
Looking for alif lam mim
In the Fayakun Manuscripts

Before the pen's eyes are dazzled
Sparkling golden lights and gems
Wake up from the transience of the world

When you arrive at the end page
Understand the true meaning of words
Kebon Jeruk, July 19, 2019

Suhendi RI, born in Bekasi, September 25, 1986. Fun writer who likes underground music. His poetry incorporated in several anthology books is also contained in various media. Podium (2015) collection of single poetry books.

52 Asro al Murthawy Freedom incarnates a ghost


Asro al Murthawy

Freedom incarnates a ghost

I suddenly became a ghost:
free wild crawls between earth and sky,
Kurapal lafaz is the most ancient
grow a wing on the back scattered
chasing you with excessive annoyance
step into the clouds of your heart

I am a free element
who came from the world somehow
diffuse with the night to silence the trees
the haughty lush holes in your chest
but still waving this wandering soul
just camping or maybe staying long
languishing in your brain auction

I am free
 I could be night
blanket for your weary towards forgetting
and maybe morning will change the fate sheet
not just a long complaint
Imagery 1440 H

53. Herisanto Boaz Independent poetry song


Herisanto Boaz

Independent poetry song

I'm thankful for the word soul
conceived sweet devotional devotions
flown in a cool powered wind
anchored at the coastal docks of descent
where I grew up in the coral reefs

I was nosed in diversity
a million-flowered tropical garden
in the personification of palm palm kicking
sleep on the metaphorical swing of the night
I developed in harmony with nature

I danced accompanied by song and gamelan
the shade permeated the deepest heart
In the hyperbole season, I dance cheerfully
surfing between tourists and dreams
to newcomers, I smiled with pride

I was recited in a fiery prayer of faith
like my mother bowing down in the hut of praise
I stand guard as a cultural lighthouse
illuminating the motherland in His light
To the heir, I submit the mandate of Lima

Holistic Studio, July 2019

Herisanto Boaz, born in Bandung, 11 December. Anthology of his Poems, among others: Song of Birth Land; Lex Puitika Song of Deliktum; Ballad Coda Secota; Aluci Soul Altar; Good Patience Silhouette; Tetilas Tetilas Cinta. Joint Anthology: OBS 1020 Sonian Three Countries; The Universe Haiku Universe; Country of Clouds; PMK-Poetry Resists Corruption-6, ACSS International, A Bowl of Soup at the Constitutional Court, Haiku & Haiga Against Corruption, Poetry of HPN-Pesona Ranah Bundo, Negeri Negeri Bahari, Rasa Tree. Anthology of the Short Story: The Legend of the Beloved Altar; The Pen Shoot Opera. Novels and Scenarios: Menara Cinta Filea; Missing Reconstruction; Soul Book Orchestra; 3 M1 -3 M2; The Hero of Love; Your Heart is as Peaceful as Your Haiku. Now as Superintendent and IN-Coach; Leading HIPWI, Patrolindo Group, KH / LBH Pro-Post, LBPHKI, Sasasi Literacy Theater-APPIA, BJC Ministry, Holistic Theater Studio, and Master Vision 45. *** (HSB)

54. Dyah Setyawati Indonesia, I Call Your Name Without Doubt


Dyah Setyawati

Indonesia, I Call Your Name Without Doubt

I loudly said your name without hesitation
since knowing breast milk
until you are able to spell and pronounce it fluently
as my homeland
with blue sky
miss the sea
jungle of time
comfortable in your arms

Indonesia, I say your name without hesitation
despite your haggard face
reflects the weary masturbation of a young child
about corruption
the law was plotted
be a spectacle of this century
then my tongue blurted out
before leaving
Goddamn it
don't be sluggish
because of sontoloyo
remain mighty be my Indonesia
homeland, emerald equator
full of love I think of you
how to sing it
in posterity
so that they are better than their ancestors
maintain the image of the nation and require it

in the solitude of my prostration
I aim for the arrow
in the almighty escape from mass incursion
will be the peace of the nation
my love and pride for you

August 1 2019

55 Sanur Keziandari Deliverance Dish


Sanur Keziandari

Deliverance Dish

Sometimes, I want to breathe the wind
Throughout the night coast
While I enjoy the warm meal

Every delicious stall is life
Lontong Cap Go Meh is chewy delicious
Work markers must be resilient and strong
Ice Lontrong is a legendary drink
Refresh sweet togetherness
Rujak Teplak with its special sambal
Liven up the house simply
All are variations, beautiful like vision
Especially if I slowly taste it
Savory Ponggol rice or Langgi rice

But with ginastel coffee tea fragrant
My life is complete with eating
Amazing word, great country modifier
Bandung, July 2019

Sanur Keziandari, born in Bandung, on March 27. Active writing poetry, short stories, novels and screenplays since he was a teenager and while active in the Holistic Theater Literature Studio. His work was published in anthology: Violin Cafe Istana. Sanur has won the Cipta Monolog in FL2SN; Winner of Short Story Cipta from LKBN Kompaxindo. Winners in the short film festival: Dedaun (2015), Pole (2016), Dish (2016), National Champion of Cipta Scenario from APWIA. Anthology poetry together: Indonesia Still There is the Sun (2017); Moonlight (2018). Sanur was once active in Saka Dirgantara. Now Sanur is active in the BJC Ministry, There is Citra / Young People Love Literature, Pamisa / Patria Milenia Friends, Sasasi / Indonesian Literature Literature Studio. ** (SK) **

56. Rut Retno Astuti Freedom Stethoscope


Rut Retno Astuti

Freedom Stethoscope

On a blue beach trip
I want every second of your presence
It beats like a living heart
Pulsating certainly never dim

I want you to manifest five colors
Curl up like a rainbow of shades
As beautiful as the dusk on the coast of the archipelago

I wish you warm fire always
Hold me close to the edge of the ocean
Where the wind moaned
Tunable in harmony beats ripples

I smell our hearts like water and sea
Stethoscope detected in unity
Words, tones and rhythms in the sea of love
Sumedang, July 2019

Rut Retno Astuti, born in Tegal City, February 22. The doctor who graduated from FK UNDIP Semarang, wrote several literary genres, including: Dawai Hati Hati (2014); Our Women's Rhythm (2015); Site of the Empowering Mother (2016). Also joined in AWWA (Asean Women Writers Association) and her work contained in Selendang Mayang (2017) Sketches of Mother's Faces (2017); Other shared anthologies: PMK - 6 / Poetry Against Corruption (2017) - Indonesia Still has Sun (2017). - Pentigraph & Putiba Anthology "A Bowl of Soup in the Holy Night" (2017); Haiku Against Corruption & Haiga Exhibition (2017); Anthology of Indonesian Poetry Poem "Enchantment of the Bundo Domain" - HPN (2018). Maritime Affairs KDNP (2018); Haiku: Heart of the Moon (2018), and many other works. (RRAS) ***

57. Profijesarino Ubud Chronology of Independence


Profijesarino Ubud

Chronology of Independence

Stretch the distance between the waves
in a conflict of waves
my eyes listened to the row of fishermen
in messy slums
singing softly in between the pressure
While on the edge of the coast line
pulled over to buy a dream

Displaying the history of common coastal
sand dune is a concern
slapped grabs noisy noise
Whereas in the flow forward ideals
commoners are used to what they are
with a rancid smell and foamy froth
even the map is not marked
When this groove is reversed it is quiet
then the attitude remains in the heart
keep ringing in a definite tone
Bandung, July 2019

Profijesarino Ubud, born in the city of Bandung, on April 7. Take his Triple Degree Lecture in Bandung. Profi is now active as a journalist and executive editor in the Patrolindo media group, Pro-Post. Anthologies include: SLE - Golden Screen Silhouette. Joint Anthology: PSAN, Prodiwa-Spirit Nation Champion; Anthology of Pentigraph & Putiba "Soup Bowl in the Holy Night" (2017); Haiku Against Corruption - HAKI (2017); Negeri Bahari (2018); Haiku: Taste Tree (2018). Now, Profi is active in the Holistic Theater Studio, DPP APWIA, Ada Citra / Cinta Cinta Literature, Pamisa, Sasasi, as well as screenwriter, DOP & Art Director at PH Master Vision 45. His work has won various short film festivals and literary and literary contests. ** (PUD) **

58. Azni Kintamani Storefront of Freedom


Azni Kintamani

Storefront of Freedom

Missing wind brought me here
To the window of the maritime country's wealth
Innocent boat, canoe and escort
Lined ushering in a glowing nation

Here, hundreds of mask dances are created
But there are no iron-masked faces
There is no falsehood and lying

Philosophy "Tatag Teteg Galang Right"
We put a label on a big window

Let's cry, lament and come back
In kebaya, bun, radiant color
On a jacket with a magic wulung head
Let this nation look more robust
As strong as millions of canoes burst into the world
Bringing us to be an authoritative nation
Bandung, July 2019

Azti Kintamani, born in Sumedang, on May 19. Active writing poetry, short stories, novels and screenplays since he was a teenager and while active in the Holistic Theater Literature Studio. His work was published in anthology: Paradewi Boutique Symphony. Kinta once won Cipta Poetry in FL2SN; Winner of Cipta Disparbud Poetry in Bandung during high school. Winners in the short film festival: Tunas (2015), Pole (2016), The Bottle (2016), National Champion of Copyright and Reading Poetry from APWIA. Anthology poetry together: Indonesia Still There is the Sun (2017); Moonlight (2018). Kinta has been active in Saka Dirgantara. Now Kinta is active in the BJC Ministry, Sasasi / Indonesian Literature Literature Studio, Pamisa / Patria Milenia Friends, There is Citra / Young People Love Literature. ** (AKK) **

59 Marlin Dinamikanto Factory Fail


Marlin Dinamikanto

Factory Fail

After the eel drifted in the rat hole
rice snakes become strangers to see
straddling factory walls
dry expanse of arid chocolate

I don't know how many farmers are buried
roaring brickwork continues to elongate
not left when the field snake
lives alone, befriended mice
at the eel's funeral

Waders are usually miders
pecking plankton in hay feet
long disappeared before moving on
to a picture book for school children

The isolated rice fields are increasingly drying out
oppressed brick - the farmer's child prefers
hope to work in a factory. There is no rice
can be harvested in four months
while salaries can be harvested
before uritan moved to the fields

green expanse which sometimes turn yellow
now insulated factory walls
rice snakes that live alone
dead - the carcass played by a kitten
in the crack of the factory wall
failed to build after a sluggish economy

no rice is harvested tomorrow
nor is the monthly salary. Only seen
the mouse jumps in the fragile brick gap
scattered on a bed of arid chocolate
Ngagel, 31 July 2019

Jumat, 03 Januari 2020

60. Agustav Triono : Are you free with real freedom?

Are you free with real freedom?

The ground spilled my blood
Land of complaint
My homeland
Land for washing
My nation's wound
Don't wet all the time
Dry again smoothly
Do not gape
Don't sweat
Remove sorrow

Merdeka has been grasped
Mother Earth has been in the lap
Since the Proclamation
Daulatlah this country
But back to the contemplation
Already independent?
Really independent?
Alright !
Freedom from the shackles of invaders
Freedom as a free country
Determine the direction of the nation's goals
Towards a noble cause
Dreams and hopes are grasped

But are you free?
Really independent ??
Freedom from poverty
Freedom from rampant corruption
Freedom from injustice
Freedom from environmental damage
Freedom from drug outbreaks

Still struggling
Free yourself from the present invaders
Broken joints of the country
That doesn't seem real
But undermined
Spread the virus in pores
Slow and sure
Our body is infected
The devastating disease
Remove the root causes
Firmly and surely
Order for diseases
Immediately destroyed
Order to be independent
Actually independent!

Agustav Triono, born in Banyumas, August 26, 1980. Now lives in Purbalingga. Active in the Theater and Literature Officers Community (KATASAPA) Purbalingga. Honorary Teacher at SMPN 1 Mrebet, Purbalingga. His literary works have been published in several mass media and joint anthology books.

61. Sri Budiyanti : Rhyme of Independence

Rhyme of Independence

It is not easy
To reach the word "INDEPENDENT"
It takes extraordinary struggle and sacrifice
When bamboo spears become a weapon
Do not want to be a coward
The one hiding under the blanket

Only one goal
Independent of invaders
Freedom from ignorance
Freedom from oppression
Freedom from persecution
Freedom from violence
Freedom from cruelty
Independent of humans
The one without humanity

Fighting is not afraid to fall
Forward never backward
Until the last drop of blood
With determination and a spirit of unity
For the sake of usurping independence
So that the red and white continues to fly

With deep-rooted intentions and beliefs
There is no struggle in vain
Unleash prayer
On the mercy of God Almighty
Indonesian independence

Hear it
Cheers of the people of Indonesia
Similar equatorial tones
Called for
and Independent

Demak, August 1, 2019

Sri Budiyanti, was born in the city of Demak which was dubbed the city of guardians on February 21. Has a hobby of writing since attending junior high school. Writing various poetry genres namely free poetry, Haiku, Sonian etc. It has been recorded in a joint anthology about the mosque, anthology with singing with poetry, anthology with us in Jajah Lagi, Indonesia Funny, Satrio Piningit and antalogy with whoever the love of love (PPN XI) and so on. Lives in a Sidomulyo Village Hamlet Krasak RT.10 RW.01 Dempet Subdistrict, Demak Regency, Central Java. Bachelor of Primary School Education. Everyday he teaches in an Elementary School, Balerejo State Elementary School 2.

62. Dede Rostiana ; That is independence

That is independence

Freedom is freedom for humans
Hanging around
Get some fresh air and live comfortably
A row of the history of independence is always imagined
Heroes' services
Even if they were still there
Maybe they were lara and offered their condolences
Because of the independence they are fighting for
Still not as valuable as their lives

O young generation
How tough you are fighting
Fighting poverty is also a crime
Maybe they say that
The youth of today, could it be possible to take responsibility
Pandaikah hunt debate then demand rights?
Dare to give up body and soul?
For the sake of national and state independence
Although the muzzle of the weapon is in front of the chest
They are not afraid of all that, instead they are just afraid
Whispers: "Walk straight dude!"
Even though he did not see the turn
"Freedom follows what is supposed to be followed then silence!"

Dede Rostiana, born in Tasikmalaya16 February 1972. His last education was Masters of Educational Administration, Galuh Ciamis University. A teacher at Cintawana Islamic Boarding School. in Tasikmalaya. An active writer in several writing communities. Author's works in the form of Poetry and Articles have been published in Local Newspapers, Surya Rengganis Tabloids, Mangle Magazine, Guneman Magazine, Priangan News, Ready to Learn, Galamedia and People's Mind. The author joins several anthologies with both Poetry, Short Stories, and Cernak (wonderland creative) and (Raising Star). The author has also published two single Anthology Poems; Longing for the Moon and Sunrise in your eyes.

63. Cak Sudi ; Freedom Is Love

Freedom Is Love

Freedom is love
There is no eternal independence other than living in love
Dusk and a cup of coffee led me to a miss
In the carefree carnival of seven dozen in my village
In the shouting of independence, the boys were bare-chested while running red and white with their hands on their hands
Twilight and a cup of coffee lead me to love without pause
I already fell in love with the rain and dusk on this archipelago earth
In Indonesia with Pancasila and Unity in Diversity if it is so alive
In the arms of love, Indonesia is always alive and independent without a pause in my heart
There was a little dust and mud splashing red and white on the way
But I'm raining with love that is always ready to make it clean and smile again
Because freedom is love

@caksudi_Sang Kavya Bayu Pavana

Sudiyanto, usually called Cak Sudi. The poet born in Sumenep on March 9, who now lives in Bekasi. The poet, educator, and researcher who is a lover of coffee, history, literature, and culture is active in several organizations and communities, including as Chairman of the National Heritage (Purnama Sastra Loka) Nusantara, Chairperson of the Kasepuhan Large Family Unit (KKBK) of West Java, Banten, Kab. Bekasi, Member of the Oral Tradition Association (ATL), etc. Published 21 books both fiction and non-fiction. His latest poem book "Sebait Senja" (CMN, 2018), is now preparing his new book. Can be contacted at sudisajalah@gmail.com.

66. Sukma Putra Permana: Independence day records

Independence day records

"What is independence, sir?"
Asked a little boy to his father
with a piece of bamboo scavenging through a pile of garbage
the remnants of the festive celebration of Indonesian Independence last night
in a corridor of the capital's township.
The father just smiled as he looked briefly at his son
then continue the work of sorting through trash
then put it in a plastic bag carried by the child.

"What is independence, sir?"
The boy repeated his question.
His father seemed not to care, still engrossed in picking garbage.
However, a moment later the father stopped from his busy schedule
then pensive for a moment and seemed to realize something.
He suddenly shouldered his plastic sack
and grabbed the child's arm
took him away from that place.
While half running following his father
the little boy asked again
"Are we free, sir?"
August 2019

67 Iwan Bonick : Today is August 1, 2019

Today is August 1, 2019

Coincides with the beginning of the month of Indonesian Independence

The Red and White Saka
Has flown
Tied tightly at the end of the bamboo of the former Agustusan flagpole last year

The color has faded a little
Still flying
And bring word
About those who sprawl
Because you want to stand tall
Not because of hunger
Especially for merchants
Who forgets the roots

And U.S
Raise your fist
Shouts of "Merdeka"

"Freedom" is not a question
"Freedom" is not asked
"Freedom" is not a question

Be truly independent

Thursday Pahing, 1 August 2019
Kp Teluk Angsan Bekasi

68 Emby Bharezhy Boleng Metha: The Proclamator's Footprint

The Proclamator's Footprint

Isolated flower island
Is a small Soenda
Standing between three volcanoes
In the swift currents of the Indonesian Ocean currents
and the depth of the sawu sea

In the body of your soul
I remember a name,
The name of the Indonesian proclaimer

1934, at that time
Jan Van Riebeeck moored in an old pier
After a few days sailing, against the ferocious blue storm

You put your feet
With your mother, your wife,
and your adopted child
That day also,
You made the beginning of the story
From the story of your exile

Maybe the word is worth saying
Because there are no relatives, here
Nor are the natives
But prisoners only
You are not broken direction

Time elapsed
The days are running properly
Seconds, minutes, to hours
Also began to be friends

The spy has seen your presence
The ears have heard you coming
Why are you still pondering?

1938, four years later
You make the end of your story of exile, here
On hard ground, full of tolerance between people

Tears are falling
Cultivate the flowers of sadness
Real depicted in spies
Witnessed your departure

~ Words
East 2019

69. Alhendra Dy Painting of Independence

Painting of Independence

I want to paint furiously
On a canvas made from soul skin
I will shed blood for red
Then I mashed the bones to white
Bile for black
A dream for her ashes.

I want this painting already
Even though the mind is sore
Let it be born in poignant scaffolding
I want you to understand
That I'm holding a grudge
Not sad.

I have to finish it
While breathing is left
In order to die calmly
And regret does not move
I hang in the highest arasy
A form of evidence,
That is great
Need sweat need tears
Not puja
Not praise.

Later enjoy strong
Cast me to the bottom of servitude
Meskipum never mind awakening
In every bloodstream
Still there is pride there is hypocrisy.

Jambi, Bangko July 31 2019

Alhendra Dy, aged 48, is a resident of the village of Bangko-Merangin-Jambi. Since 1990 they have been willing to dedicate their age to art and art. The caretaker of the Merangin Kreativ art gallery. His poetry is spread in various anthologies, both single and together.

70. Meita: A handful of Independence Prayers

A handful of Independence Prayers

Although now the cry of independence is not as red as before
Although the rush of rousing did not happen at that time
But blood is still red, and spirit is still growing

Fabric flag on the height of the pole
It will not prevent millions of prayers
For the establishment of a great beloved nation Indonesia

Take a look
Footsteps still echoed
The song of victory is so perfect
And hope will always be there

My bow
On the creator miss
It will smell nice of your name
In every heart of your inhabitants ... my Indonesia

Meita, or commonly called Mey, is a person who has a hobby of writing since around 2012 ago. The ideas of his writings are contained in his Facebook notes. His interest in poetry is because by poetry we can channel all emotions, sadness, happiness through scribbles which incidentally can entertain readers.

71. Sudarmono: Dignity Travel

Dignity Travel

Maybe I was thrown
on the lips of millennial century
down a silent hallway
crystallized in a crowded world

I'm not complacent
city noise that appears
no sign of anything
until peace turns anger

I feel we have an essential reason
for capital to earn a fortune
ignored self-respect anymore
depraved dignity to death

This is the name of travel history
among a group of people
to analyze the forms of civilization
failed ancestral message in sublime intentions

North Tambun, July 16, 2019

Sudarmono / Raden Mas Sudarmono, born in Bantul Yogyakarta 11 October 1963, art began in high school and when he joined the Yogyakarta Dynasty Theater, the Bantul Theater Society and the Indonesian People's Theater Group, PMK activists reject poetry. These social writings were widely published in regional and national newspapers , while his poetry writings are widely recorded with other Nusantara Poets, to this day he is still listed as a Member of the Board of the Bekasi Regency Arts Council, Literature and Theater Committee, author's work and works in the Tambut Bekasi Mendut Community